Bubble diagrams in Landscape Design with ConceptDraw PRO

Bubble diagrams – it is the name for several different types of diagrams. Thus call diagrams which are analogs of «mind maps», such diagrams are used in landscape design. Moreover, bubble diagrams – it is a diagrams with a bubble presentation of data and the size of a bubble is a parameter of data too. For example, it can display the importance of the data in diagram or its value. So you can operate three parameters on 2-dimensional diagram – X and Y coordinates of a bubble and its size.

There is an idea of bubble diagrams in landscape design. Unlike the bubble diagrams, which are an analog of «mind maps», in landscape design these diagrams have the completely different meaning. Such diagrams are used on the very first stages of a landscape design project.

It is quite difficult to create a detailed plan with the pictures of walls and precise sizes. In this case you can use bubble diagrams. Bubbles in such diagrams represent roughly pictured areas, which define the areas of landscape design in the future project – flowers-beds, lawns, pools, playgrounds and so on.

Besides the simplicity of creation, such diagram will help you to define the links between the areas of your landscape design and see the project as a whole. Bubble diagram visualizes the future project without any special costs on its creation. It is much easier to create an abstract plan with rough areas shapes than to create a detailed plan with anchors to the existing walls plants and to find out that primordial conception was wrong or just don’t suits the customer. Furthermore, using the bubble diagrams you can define the places of possible interactions of the landscape design areas. You will be able to define from what point you could see the garden or the pool without difficulties of creation a detailed plan.

Also you can use arrows between the areas with indicating of types of link instead of intersecting areas. For example, you can show that it is possible to go from one area to another and it is possible to see one more area but impossible to go there.

As a matter of fact, bubble diagrams it is a rough draft of the future project, the first stage in the creation of more detailed drafts of landscape design with references to specific materials and plants. Bubble diagrams are an analog of the plan for a report or an essay.

For the creation of a bubble diagrams you can use a plotting paper, which is placed over an existing location plan, and outline the future areas with a pencil and then paint them for more clear zoning. But in the computer age it is a much more convenient to use the special software. For example, using ConceptDraw you could create bubble diagrams as well as following concept models. Using the special libraries with objects of landscape design later on you will be able to create a detailed plan of the landscape.

Creation of a bubble diagrams in ConceptDraw is an easy task as you can use the ready scanned location plan instead of plotting paper and paper location plan. Besides scanning of the ready paper location plan you can easy create it using special ConceptDraw libraries and templates for creation room plans and location plans. The main advances of computer design is easiness of plans editing and even amateur can create a professional good-looking diagram without any troubles.

For creation of bubble diagrams in ConceptDraw you can use layers. Thus, for example, you can place the ready location plan on the first layer. To prevent an accidental editing of this plan and easing the work with a diagram you can lock this layer and use it as a background for the bubble diagrams. Later on you will be able to switch off the visibility of this layer.

To create a bubbles you can use ready library objects such as ovals and rectangles as well as drawing tools, which let you to create areas of any complexity and configuration. Draw them just over the locked layer with the location plan. When creating the bubble diagrams on a paper, plotting paper is used to see the corresponding location plan under it. To see the walls and plants of the location plan in ConceptDraw you can use the transparency of objects. You can set the value of the transparency of any object from full transparency, so you will be able to see only the control frame of the object, to full opacity with the step of 1%.

Instead of tiring coloring of paper diagram you can fill all selected areas with the selected color at once. It is very convenient if you have a lot of areas of the same type in your diagram, for example flower-beds. Moreover, you can use not only solid colors but also different fill patterns or gradient fill. For objects description you can use a legend, i.e. define which color corresponds to which area type, or you can add a text description to objects on the diagram. Basically, any area in the diagram could be signed as you can use small fonts and zoom in any part of the diagram later.

Bubble diagrams, created using ConceptDraw can be easily edited whereas in case of using a paper diagrams as a rule you will need to create the new diagram each time. In ConceptDraw you can edit any object. For example, you can change the size of an object or add a control dots to change the shape of an existing object – fro example, you create the pentagon from the square adding one control dot to any side of the square. As a rule, areas in bubble diagrams have more complex form than trivial rectangles or ovals, so in ConceptDraw you can use the tool of creation of the free curves, which lets you to create the objects of any form and later on edit the curvature of any part of the object.

ConceptDraw supports work with multiple-sheet diagrams, so can be used for creation of the following diagrams in the same document and creation of the interactive links between them. It is very convenient for creation of presentations for customers. Also, ready bubble diagrams can be used as the base for following more detailed plans, whereas you need to create new paper documents.

Bubble diagrams landscape design

Example 1. Bubble diagrams – landscape design

The main advance of the bubble diagrams is the simplicity of their creation. It lets you to create several variants of design in a short period of time and without hard work and choose the best from them. Don’t forget that you don’t need to concentrate on the small details of the future landscape – just use your imagination for creation the best concept, which will be obvious from the created bubble diagrams.


Process Flowchart

When trying to figure out the nature of the problems occurring within a project, there are many ways to develop such understanding. One of the most common ways to document processes for further improvement is to draw a process flowchart, which depicts the activities of the process arranged in sequential order — this is business process management. ConceptDraw PRO is business process mapping software with impressive range of productivity features for business process management and classic project management. This business process management software is helpful for many purposes from different payment processes, or manufacturing processes to chemical processes. Business process mapping flowcharts helps clarify the actual workflow of different people engaged in the same process. This samples were made with ConceptDraw PRO — business process mapping software for flowcharting and used as classic visio alternative because its briefly named "visio for mac" and for windows, this sort of software named the business process management tools. This flowchart diagram shows a process flow of project management. The diagram that is presented here depicts the project life cycle that is basic for the most of project management methods. Breaking a project into phases allows to track it in the proper manner. Through separation on phases, the total workflow of a project is divided into some foreseeable components, thus making it easier to follow the project status. A project life cycle commonly includes: initiation, definition, design, development and implementation phases. Distinguished method to show parallel and interdependent processes, as well as project life cycle relationships. A flowchart diagram is often used as visual guide to project. For instance, it used by marketing project management software for visualizing stages of marketing activities or as project management workflow tools. Created with ConceptDraw PRO — business process mapping software which is flowcharting visio alternative or shortly its visio for mac, this sort of software platform often named the business process management tools.business process flowcharts, flowchart symbols, process flow diagram, workflow diagram, flowchart maker
Picture: Process Flowchart
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Bubble diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO

Using ConceptDraw you will be able to create bubble diagrams from the ready ConceptDraw library objects or make your own objects. The created diagram can be saved and edited, objects can be moved and links between them will be automatically repainted after object moving because of using the ConceptDraw connectors.Bubble diagram sample for win and mac
Picture: Bubble diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO
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Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning

While creating flowcharts and process flow diagrams, you should use special objects to define different statements, so anyone aware of flowcharts can get your scheme right. There is a short and an extended list of basic flowchart symbols and their meaning. Basic flowchart symbols include terminator objects, rectangles for describing steps of a process, diamonds representing appearing conditions and questions and parallelograms to show incoming data. This diagram gives a general review of the standard symbols that are used when creating flowcharts and process flow diagrams. The practice of using a set of standard flowchart symbols was admitted in order to make flowcharts and other process flow diagrams created by any person properly understandable by other people. The flowchart symbols depict different kinds of actions and phases in a process. The sequence of the actions, and the relationships between them are shown by special lines and arrows. There are a large number of flowchart symbols. Which of them can be used in the particular diagram depends on its type. For instance, some symbols used in data flow diagrams usually are not used in the process flowcharts. Business process system use exactly these flowchart symbols.Flowchart Symbols and Meaning, workflow diagram symbols, process flow diagram symbols
Picture: Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning
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Store Layout Software

A layout is a way that furniture is arranged in some place. It’s not difficult to develop a store layout using software with tons of templates and libraries with vector shapes of furniture, doors, walls etc. Create a plan in five minutes and have more time to implement it. Designing the floor plan for a new store is very important step for a small business. Well thought out and well-done floor plan is the foundation of the store layout. It should provide a basis through which to make out and organize everything else. Sometimes a small stores have a small floor space, so well thought out arrangement of furniture and commercial equipment is crucial to the success of the business. By using the ConceptDraw Floor Plans solution you can make a floor plan for your store quickly and effortlessly.
Picture: Store Layout Software
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Restaurant Floor Plan Software

A cozy atmosphere is crucial for the success of any cafe or restaurant. To provide it, you should use restaurant floor plan software at the stage of design. If your establishment is located conveniently and has a harmonic atmosphere inside it, this is bound to be a success. This sample Restaurant floor plan illustrates the possibilities of ConceptDraw solution for Cafe and Restaurant plans. It represents the location of the restaurant's main hall with its furnishing as well as a plan of kitchen and toilets. Generally, Cafe and Restaurant Plans solution has a big set vector images of tables, seats, lightening, etc. Using them you will be able to plan the restaurant of your desire with an incredible design and spirit.Restaurant Floor Plan Software for Mac OC and Windows
Picture: Restaurant Floor Plan Software
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If you are just a beginner in drawing flowcharts, it may seem that a sheet of paper and a pen are just enough. However, at the time you would want to share your results, diagramming applications would suite you better. it’s very easy to create diagrams that way and to discover new kinds of flowcharts. The huge collection of sample ConceptDraw diagrams, charts, illustrations and other types of business drawings includes a wide range of business themes. A huge number of graphic images of ConceptDraw documents is divides on business application areas according to business-oriented solutions for which they were made.Here is a short visual list of samples of flowcharts, process diagrams, UML models, management charts, computer network diagrams, maps, infographics, illustrations, etc. In short, each ConceptDraw solution is accompanied with at least ten samples representing some particular examples of the application of the given chart.ConceptDraw PRO Applications
Picture: Applications

CAD Drawing Software for Making Mechanic Diagram and Electrical Diagram Architectural Designs

This diagram represents the electrical floor plan. This is a common practice - to draw the electrical plan on the floor plan. The outlets, fixtures and other electrical equipment are depicted on the floor plan with special symbols. This drawing was created using the possibilities of ConceptDraw PRO as CAD software. Computer-aided design software is intended to replaces manual engineering drafting with an automated process. CAD software is used by engineers, architects, and others to make high-precision technical drawings and illustrations. CAD software allows technical specialists to develop, examine and manage various engineering projects. It is almost impossible nowadays to imagine mechanical engineering without digital technologies. Finding a suitable CAD software for creating mechanic diagram and electrical diagram architectural designs can take a lot of time and effort. However, with ConceptDraw PRO you can create any diagram that you want and later convert it to the most popular graphic formats like .vsdx, .png, .pptx etc.CAD Drawing Software
Picture: CAD Drawing Software for Making Mechanic Diagram and Electrical Diagram Architectural Designs
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Building Drawing Software for DesigningPlumbing

Any building project must respond to some requirements. Moreover, finding a drawing software for developing a waste water plan is significant. Designing plumbing plans may be difficult in the beginning, but practice makes perfect. Layout of plumbing fixtures and, kitchen equipment a is a very important part of the home's interior design. If you do not want to find out suddenly the bath in your kitchen, or stove in your bathroom, you need to pay due attention to this plan. ConceptDraw Building Plans libraries give you a number of vector objects. Using them you can quickly and professionally sketch a plan of kitchen or bathroom in proper scale and with objects depicting your desired equipment. Then your contractor never will confuse a bath with a stove and a washing machine with a toilet and your house will be really a home of your dreams.Building Drawing Tools.  Design Elements — Plumbing
Picture: Building Drawing Software for DesigningPlumbing
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Restaurant Floor Plans Samples

When deciding to start your own business, you have to take into account a bunch of different aspects. One of the ways to get inspired is to look through various restaurant floor plans samples or interior photos of already known establishments. This will help you, but keep in mind that a really unforgettable establishment must be unique. This restaurant floor plan diagram was designed using ConceptDraw Cafe and Restaurant Floor Plan solution. It can be used as a sample while considering a custom restaurant design. With the help of this example you can estimate the amount of furniture best for a dining room or kitchen of the restaurant. In addition, this plan would be useful as a check list when you will consider a list of the furniture and equipment needed for all areas of the future restaurant.Restaurant floor plan sample
Picture: Restaurant Floor Plans Samples
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Restaurant Floor Plans Software

What do you know about restaurants? To have a better understanding, use restaurant floor plans software, and enjoy the result. Registration is going to take just a few minutes, and you will be able to start your experience from tons of examples and free templates. This restaurant floor plan was created with the help of he ConceptDraw Cafe and Restaurant Plans solution. The main feature of this restaurant is small kitchen. Perhaps that is why the designer of this establishment, has paid great attention to interior diversity. The facilities of ConceptDraw PRO allow him to make this easily. Here are represented tables for two, for three or four visitors. A visitor can choose any of the bright multi-colored chairs and tables. The two tables at the right upper corner attract one's attention. They are strictly decorated and located near the second door. Probably they are for security service of the restaurant, which monitors to ensure that visitors do not run away without paying.Restaurant floor plan
Picture: Restaurant Floor Plans Software
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