How To Create a Workflow Diagram

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Using template

The fastest way to create a workflow diagram is using pre-designed template. ConceptDraw PRO with the Workflow Diagrams solution delivers rich set of workflow diagram templates you may start from.

ConceptDraw PRO is a professional diagramming software for drawing well-designed diagrams. With the Workflow Diagrams solution that contains vector library objects, samples, and template. One can start from opening template and then put in the page needed objects and connecting they with arrows.

How to Create a Basic Workflow Diagram

  • Using workflow symbols from Workflow Diagram Solution of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
  • Idenftify the start point of the business process flow and add the workflow symbol "Start"
  • Step by step identify process activity details and add the proper workflow symbol, add notes
  • Assign resources on workflow symbols, put process flow identificators on workflow diagram
  • If applicable, mark critical resources by conventioned "critical" mark symbols (use workflow symbols "critical", "alert", "attention", "workflow priority").
  • Share your workflow diagram in graphics formats, as a PDF, or export them to any Office software
  • Pic.1 Workflow diagram sample: Taxi service.

    This example shows a presentation-ready workflow chart or workflow diagram that clearly illustrates how a taxi service works.

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    Use Product:

    • Process Diagram Software
    • Business Diagramming Tool
    • Professional Business Graphics Tool
    • Technical Diagramming Tool
    • For Mac® & Windows®

    Use Solution:

    • Show pictorial overview of a business, technical or functional process step-by-step
    • Modelbusiness process to develop, implement, reuse, analyze, solve problems and improve
    • Simplify process collaboration by showing workflow in chain of people and business units
    • Visualizecontrol and information flow, business process automation, business process re-engineering, accounting, management, and HR tasks
    • Document business processesin 6 Sigma or ISO 9000
    • Workflow samples and templates
    • Workflow library of vector stencils

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