How to exchange data files of Mindjet Mindmanager ?

Useful for:

  • MindJet Mindmanager documents: import and export
  • SKYPE: deliver mindmapping presentation via Skype
  • MS Word documents import: generate mindmap view of Word document
  • MS Word documents export: generate Word document from mindmap
  • MS PowerPoint import: generate mindmap view of PowerPoint presentation
  • MS PowerPoint export: generate PowerPoint presentation from Mindmap doc
  • MS Project import: generate mindmap view of Project tasks, milestones
  • MS Project export: generate project file, lists of tasks and milestones
  • TWEET your mindmaps: send topics and whole mindmap picture to
  • EVERNOTE exchange: send topics and mindmaps to your Evernote account

Pic. 1. A mind map exported from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to Mindjet Mindmanager.

See also:

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How to use input and output features to prepare data for presentation:
  • Video lessons for professional mindmapping
  • Sample-1. Project Status report as mindmap presentation via Skype
  • Sample-2. Solar System presentation via Skype, mindmap and data

How to make great presentation via Skype? it works with ConceptDraw MINDMAP?

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Use Solution:

  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP software
  • Conference call via SKYPE
  • Multi-pages mindmaps
  • Slide-show presentations
  • Content outline
  • Pictures
  • Import MS Project files
  • Export MS Project files
  • Generate project reports as mindmaps
  • Send Topic or Topics to Twitter
  • Send whole Mindmap to Twitter
  • Organize your social media campaign
  • Send Topics or Mindmap to Evernote
  • Organize your notes and communication
  • Create mindmap of MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Generate mindmap view of an existing MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Create MS PowerPoint presentation from an existing mindmap
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