Decision Making Software For Small Business

Decision Making Tool

How do you make good decisions, particularly if you are overworked and have limited time? The answer is to develop a process for decision making that allows you to quickly review the criteria and come to a decision.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a powerfull tool for decision making which provides conference collaboration, teamwork and idea briefing with presenting via Skype.

Remote Presentation for Skype solution and ConceptDraw MINDMAP help to make fairly significant decisions such as opening a new branch; launching a new product; implementing a new management information system.

Sample 1. Decision Making

Decision making mind map template is created using ConceptDraw MINDMAP mind mapping software. This mind map template helps to learn how to use mindmap presentation via Skype for online decision making in small & medium business teams and enterprise workgroups.

Use this mindmap example for implementation of Remote Presentation for Skype solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park.

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Use Product:

  • Brainstorming
  • Project planning
  • Meeting Management
  • Creating Presentations
  • Creating Reports
  • Communicating with Teams

Required Solutions:

  • Conference call via Skype®
  • Slide show control for all
    participants simultaneously
  • Deliver presentation files to all participants
  • Organize files with viewed presentations
  • Remote learning sessions

Useful Solutions:

  • Mindjet MindManager® - Import/Export
  • FreeMind® - Import
  • XMind® - Import
  • ...and major mindmapping tools
  • MS Word® - Import/Export
  • Content outline
  • Pictures
  • Create mindmap of MS PowerPoint® presentation
  • Generate mindmap view of an existing MS PowerPoint® presentation
  • Create MS PowerPoint® presentation from an existing mindmap
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