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Michigan is one of the states in the Midwestern as well as Great Lakes regions in America. The name of this state comes from the word in Ojibwa (an indigenous language of North America of the Algonquian language family) “mishigamaa”, meaning "large water". This state is the tenth populous one out of all 50 states in America. It is also on the 11th place for being the most extensive total area, which means that it is the largest state by its total area east of the Mississippi River. The capital of this state is Lansing, but the largest city is Detroit.

Michigan is the only state, consisting of two peninsulas. The one, known as “Lower Peninsula” is often noted to be shaped like a mitten, when another, which is an “Upper Peninsula" is separated from the first one by 8 kilometres of the channel named the “Straits of Mackinac” that joins two lakes — the Huron and the Michigan one. The two peninsulas are connected by the so-called “Mackinac Bridge”. This state has the longest freshwater coastline in the world, and there are four of the five Great Lakes all around it, including the Lake Saint Clair. Michigan is known to be one of the leading states of America famous for the recreational boating. There are also 64980 inland lakes as well as ponds in this state.

The area of Michigan was first settled by the Native Americans. Later it was colonized by French explorers in the 17th century, straight after it became a part of so-called “New France”. In 1800 Michigan became a part of the so-termed “Indiana Territory” and in 1805 the final “Michigan Territory” was formed. Although already in 1837 Michigan was admitted to be a part of the Union as the 26th state of America. Since then it is an important centre of trade and industry in the Great Lakes region and it is a popular immigrant destination.

Although Michigan has a diverse economy, it is widely known to be a centre of the automotive industry in the USA, as there are three of the country's main automobile companies working perfectly well these days. The “Upper Peninsula” is very popular for tourist to go and visit in order to see the natural resources. At the same time the “Lower Peninsula” is popular for its manufacturing, high-tech industry and services.

First inhabitants living in this state were so-called “Algonquian” people. They were included in the “Anishinaabe” groups of Ojibwe consisted of up to 35000 people, known as "Chippewa" in French. There were two other nations and all of them co-existed in peace as part of a loose confederation known as the “Council of Three Fires”. The Ojibwe lived mainly in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula as well as in both central and northern part of the state. They also could be found in Ontario, southern part of Manitoba, northern part of Wisconsin and north-central as well as northern part of Minnesota. The so-called “Ottawa” people lived in the southern, western and northern parts of the state. They could also be found in the southern part of Ontario, eastern part of Wisconsin and northern part of Ohio. The third group of people known as “Potawatomi” lived in the western and southern parts of Michigan, as well as in the central and northern parts of another state — Indiana, southern part of Wisconsin and southern part of Ontario, as well as in the northern part of Illinois.

Michigan is known to be a republic, having three “branches of government”: the so-called “legislative branch”, which consists of the “Senate” and the “House of Representatives”; the “executive” one, which consists of the Governor of the state as well as the other constitutional officers; and the “judicial” one. The Constitution of Michigan allows people to participate of the electorate by the statutory referendum, as well as the “referral” and constitutional initiative. The capital city of Michigan is Lansing, having all three branches of the state government there.

The governor of the state work for four years and nowadays he is Rick Snyder. There are two official Governor’s Residences in Michigan, one of which is in Lansing and another on Mackinac Island. The secretary of state of Michigan is also a chief elections officer, being charged with many licensure programs, such as motor vehicles. The population of Michigan is over 9928300 people, the centre of which is in Shiawassee County, the south-eastern corner of Bennington, located north-west of the village of Morrice. There are many Finnish people, as well as Macedonian and Dutch living in this state, although there are still over 78% of White Americans, over 14% of Black ones, less than 1% of the American Indian people and over 2% of Asian ones.

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Geo Map — USA — State of Michigan

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