Diagram Creator


You can write different kind of diagram with Diagram Creator. Diagram Creator have various Object templates. We create Object from templates and move, resize and change it and dispose the Objects, we create any kind of diagram at choice. It's usable to write your idea down, to take minutes of a meeting and note the ideas in the brainstorming.


  • Create Object from Template.
  • Edit Object features including line-width, line-color, fill-color, text-alignment, font, etc…
  • Connector can join Object and Object.
  • Move and Resize connected Object: Connector follow and reform it.
  • Easy writing a tree-diagram using Connector.
  • Unlimited Undo, Redo.
  • Export Diagram image(PNG) to Photo Library.
  • Mail Diagram image(PNG, JPG) and PDF.
  • Mail Diagram data and read Diagram data the other iPad.

Developed by: Gentle Soft

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