Productive Diagrams


Bring Your Diagrams and Workflows to life with a business oriented productivity tool designed specifically for the iPad.

In a few minutes by tapping and dropping Diagram Tools and User Interface Controls, you can build unique and mobile custom project: Contractor Estimates, Scientific Data Collection, Insurance Rating, Retail Invoicing and much much more.

The Diagram is the very heart of the Productive Diagram App (PDA) functionality. By constructing one of more Diagrams and connecting them to on screen operations, a PDA Project becomes a powerful application. A diagram can be thought of as a Workflow, an Algorithm or as Data Validation.

A Diagram can take the user from one screen to another (a Workflow), add two fields together and place the results in a third (an Algorithm), or check to see if an date is after another (a Validation).

When the user creates a new Diagram, he/she sees a start and stop icon with a workflow line between them. Every diagram has a Start and a Stop and every diagram is constructed by adding new icons (from the popup tools menu at the bottom of the screen) and connecting them in appropriate order between the Start and Stop.

For instance a Diagram to calculate a billing charge might take the hours worked out of a screen number field with the “Get Data” Tool; multiply it by a “$25.00” stored in a “Constant” Tool and then store the data in a screen currency field with the “Store Data” tool.

While there are hundreds of productivity tools available for the iPad, many are just "ports" of desktop applications. The Productive Diagram App takes advantage of the powerful and portable iPad interface to truly make the iPad a business tool. For More Information Visit:

Developed by: PVI Maine LLC

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