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Knowledge management is a term used for variety of systematic processes which serve to create, to store, to distribute and to apply the basic elements of intellectual capital necessary for the organization success; a strategy which transforms all kinds of intellectual assets in higher productivity and efficiency. Each company has its own characteristic knowledge management model that takes into account the specificity of its activity, the scale of production, organizational features and the company's corporate culture.

However, regardless of the information flow movement direction, knowledge management must ensure the implementation of the following processes in the organization:

  • the creation of new knowledge;
  • the use of existing knowledge in decision-making;
  • the embodiment of knowledge in products and services;
  • the transfer of existing knowledge among departments of the organization;
  • providing access to the necessary knowledge to authorized departments, personnel, processes and systems;
  • maintaining the integrity of knowledge, protection of knowledge from external and internal threats;
  • structuring, codification and identification of knowledge.

One of common tools used to visualize these processes and to represent functional or structural relationships is to organize a DIKW Hierarchy, also known as DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) Pyramid. There are several approaches for modeling such diagrams which may not include not all the standard components, like Wisdom in some later model or Data in early DIKW models, or, on the contrary, include additional components like Signal or Measurement.

The information component in this model represents performed data. These facts are endowed with context and are valuable as they answer on interrogative questions like ‘why?’, ‘who?’ or ‘what?’. The knowledge component is an elusive concept which usually refers to information. Information that was somehow structured or applied in action can be described as knowledge. The wisdom component can be determined as an understanding of conditions of knowledge applications.

Pyramid diagrams help you visualize information as a triangle divided into horizontal slices. Labelled slices represent a hierarchy. Pyramids are used in marketing presentations to show and analyze hierarchy levels.

DIKW pyramid - 3D triangle diagram

The DIKW Pyramid, also known variously as:

  • DIKW Hierarchy,
  • Wisdom Hierarchy,
  • Knowledge Hierarchy,
  • Information Hierarchy,
  • Knowledge Pyramid,
refers loosely to a class of models for representing purported structural and/or functional relationships between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom.

"Typically information is defined in terms of data, knowledge in terms of information, and wisdom in terms of knowledge".
[DIKW Pyramid. Wikipedia]

This 3D triangle diagram sample is included in the Pyramid Diagrams solution from Marketing area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.

Pyramid Diagrams solution

Example 1. Pyramid Diagrams solution

This 3D triangular diagram example of DIKW pyramid has 6 levels: measurement, facts, data, information, knowledge, wisdom.

Example 2. DIKW pyramid - 3D triangle diagram

This sample shows the DIKW Hierarchy. It is a 6 level 3D pyramid. The DIKW Pyramid allows you to visually display the relationships between data, information, knowledge, facts, measurement, and wisdom. The large array of high-resolution vector objects in the Pyramid Diagrams Solution allows you create the pyramid diagrams with different styles and number of levels.

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Pyramid Diagrams
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