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Venn Diagrams are illustrations used in the branch of mathematics known as set theory. They show the mathematical or logical relationship between different groups of things (sets).

A Venn Diagram was introduced by the British philosopher and mathematician John Venn
(1834-1923) in 1881 and visually shows all the possible logical relations between the sets. This diagram can be interpreted as the relationships of sets which may have some (but not all) elements in common.

Venn Diagram - Relationship Marketing

Example 1. Venn Diagram - Relationship Marketing

The combined area of sets in a Venn Diagram is called the union of sets. Sometimes there is a rectangle around the Venn diagram to show the space of all possible elements. This rectangle represents so-called Universal set. A Venn Diagram is usually used to divide up two or more objects to highlight similarities and differences.

Venn Diagrams visualize all the possible logical relations between sets. They are used to illustrate simple set relationships in logic, statistics, mathematics, sociology, philosophy, marketing, etc. Venn Diagrams are also commonly used to visually summarize the status and future viability of a project.

Example 3. Venn Diagram - Sustainable Development

There are some similar diagram types, based on Venn Diagram:

  • Euler diagrams similar to Venn Diagrams, but they may not describe all the possible relations.
  • Johnston diagrams, which are used to illustrate statements in propositional logic, such as "Neither A nor B is true", and are a visual way of illustrating truth tables.
  • Karnaugh maps or Veitch diagram are another way of visually representing Boolean expressions.
  • Peirce diagrams, devised by Charles Peirce, are extensions to Venn diagrams which include information on existential statements, disjunctive information, probabilities, and relations.

Venn Diagram - Knowledge

Example 3. Venn Diagram - Knowledge

This simple example was created in ConceptDraw PRO using the Venn Diagrams Solution. It shows the use of Venn Diagram to compare two people groups. One circle represents all the information people know about the stock market in Britain, the other circle represents all the information they know about stock market in Germany. Any features the two areas share can be written in the intersection of the circles. The result shows at a glance what the two markets have in common and what features are different.

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