Venn Diagram Examples for Problem Solving.
Venn Diagram as a Truth Table

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"Venn diagram ... representing some sets by contours of closed shapes, such as circles or ellipses (and sometimes also the universal set as a rectangle enclosing all of these shapes), and indicating the relationships between the sets: by overlapping the shapes to show that the corresponding sets have a non-empty intersection, and by possibly (but not necessarily) enclosing all of the sets (which are proper subsets of the universal set) within a universal set (represented typically by a rectangle); such that the total number of simply connected regions is 2^n, where n is the number of depicted sets which are proper subsets of the universal set."
[Venn diagram. Wiktionary]

Example 1. Venn diagram as a truth table.

"A truth table is a mathematical table used in logic—specifically in connection with Boolean algebra, boolean functions, and propositional calculus—to compute the functional values of logical expressions on each of their functional arguments, that is, on each combination of values taken by their logical variables (Enderton, 2001). In particular, truth tables can be used to tell whether a propositional expression is true for all legitimate input values, that is, logically valid."
[Truth table. Wikipedia]

The Venn diagram example above was redesigned from the Wikipedia file: Venn3tab.svg.

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