Task Types in ConceptDraw Project

ConceptDraw PROJECT
Professional Dynamic Project Management

When assigning resources to tasks in your project, you may face a situation when different tasks require different approaches. To keep track of the different kinds of tasks that make up your project, ConceptDraw Project provides you with very flexible tool called a Task type.

Now assigning resources to tasks can be logically and intuitively understood. Now you can vary the mannerin which you add resources or task durations with ConceptDraw PROJECT.

Pic.1. Task Types in ConceptDraw Project

ConceptDraw PROJECT provides all the tools necessary to plan and manage projects. You can create tasks, assign resources, and load resource costs. By creating a subproject, you can analyze the impact of a change request before approving the change to the project baseline.

Use Product:

  • Project Management Software
  • Gantt Chart
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Multiproject Planning
  • Creating One-Click Reports
  • Creating Project Dashboard
  • Critical Path Method
  • Filtering Tasks

Use Solution:

  • Import and export MS Project® files
  • Share your project data with MS Project®, Merlin® and OmniPlan® users
  • Report project status as a mind map

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Compatibility: Apple® OS X 10.10 or later
Microsoft® Windows® 7/8.1/10

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