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With the introduction of Visio 2013 Microsoft has changed the native file format used in earlier versions of Microsoft Visio. With the release of Visio 2013 the native file format is based on a new XML file structure that is highly compressed. The implementation of these file structure changes improves the customer experience.

As a result when looking for a Visio alternative, people need the ability to open and save in the newer Visio 2013 file format. ConceptDraw PRO v10 is such a viable alternative for individuals and organizations that are looking for a professional business solution. ConceptDraw PRO v10 file import and export works roundtrip with the new Visio VSDX file format; plus ConceptDraw PRO is easy to use, and an economical solution.

Opening Visio Files in ConceptDraw

The native file format for Visio files is .vsdx, which can be opened by ConceptDraw PRO. When opening MS Visio .vsdx extension file with ConceptDraw PRO there you may notice some differences when viewing the file in MS Visio and ConceptDraw PRO.

ConceptDraw PRO does not support footers and headers, so any footer and header information that was in the MS Visio file will not be displayed in ConceptDraw PRO. The header and footer information is not lost; they are just not viewable or modifiable within ConceptDraw PRO.

Some MS Visio fonts are not supported by ConceptDraw. If this is the case, then you may select from a list of available fonts supported by ConceptDraw PRO when prompted.

Importing and Exporting MS Visio and ConceptDraw PRO Files

  1. To Import MS Visio Files to ConceptDraw PRO:

    1. From the ConceptDraw PRO File menu, select Import.
    2. Select MS Visio VSDX.
    3. From the Open window, select the desired MS Visio file to be imported. Click Ok.

  2. To Export ConceptDraw PRO files to MS Visio:

    1. From the File menu, select Export.
    2. Select MS Visio VSDX.
    3. From the Open window, select the desired location folder. Click Ok.

Pic 1. Visio Exchange

Visio Exchange

Pic 2. Business-Process Visio

This examples illustrates how MS Visio 2016 diagram (VSDX file format) has been converted into ConceptDraw PRO diagram.

All source documents are vector graphic documents. They are available for reviewing, modifying, or converting to a variety of formats (PDF file, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, and many other graphic formats)

Use Product:

  • Data Flow Diagrams Software
  • UML Diagrams Software
  • Vector Drawing Tools
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Presentation Mode
  • Over 2 000 vector stencils
  • Export to vector graphics files
  • ConceptDraw PRO native Mac app
  • Easier to use than Microsoft Visio® and more powerful
  • With free support and thousands of templates

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Import MS Visio Files

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