How To
Create Cisco Network Diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO

Step 1. From ConceptDraw PRO, open the sample “Cisco Network Diagram”.


Step 2. Using your mouse, reposition objects as needed.

Step 3. The Cisco basic library is included with the standard installation of ConceptDraw PRO.
From the File menu, select Library -> Open -> Cisco -> Cisco Basic.

Step 4. Choose any object and drop in its place in the document work space.


Step 5. From the Connect Shapes toolbar, click the Smart Connector icon.


Step 6. Drag a new object to your document. The new object is automatically connected to another object.


Step 7. Insert text into objects by pressing the F2 button on your keyboard.

Result: A professional Cisco Network diagram that visually depicts your network.

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January, 2010

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