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ConceptDraw PLAN

ConceptDraw PLAN

What is ConceptDraw PLAN?

Open, view and analyze ConceptDraw PROJECT files (.cdpz) in your browser with ConceptDraw PLAN cloud-based collaboration solution. ConceptDraw PLAN is an online tool for collaboration on project files created in ConceptDraw PROJECT desktop software. It helps to organize effectively the collaboration of the project team on multiple projects from almost anywhere on almost any device.

ConceptDraw PLAN is designed to support a project manager and project team in developing a plan, managing project resources, following and analyzing project progress. It helps a project manager to watch online how multiple projects are going. Resource managers can use ConceptDraw PLAN to organize effective collaboration within a remote team. Using ConceptDraw PLAN enables investors and stakeholders always be in the loop of the current project status.

  • Upload/Download ConceptDraw PROJECT files;
  • Create a shared Workspace Resource Pool;
  • Assign shared resources on your project tasks;
  • Analyze the usage of the same resources in the different projects;
  • Identify resource overload and underload;
  • Change Start/Finish dates of your project tasks to use resources effectively;
  • Invite project users and give them access to your projects;
  • View Gantt charts of your projects with popular Internet browsers;
  • Change the tasks completion value and enable others to do this;
  • View a list of tasks of one or more projects in scheduler mode;
  • View properties of the project, project calendars, and resources.

How to Upload Project to ConceptDraw PLAN Storage

Start using ConceptDraw PLAN from uploading to the repository at least one project file. Administrators can download up to 100 projects into the workspace. In addition, User invited by Administrator or another User, regardless of the project and his role, can upload his own projects to the workspaces in which he was invited. By default, User is the Project Manager. in projects that he uploaded to a workspace.

  1. Open ConceptDraw PLAN. The Projects page will be opened by default..
  2. Select the particular workspace.

  3. how-to-upload-to-conceptdraw-plan

  4. Press the Upload Project button. Then, browse your computer to select ConceptDraw PROJECT file/files (CDPZ). Or select ConceptDraw PROJECT (CDPZ) multiple files then drag and drop them.
  5. The uploaded project will be displayed at the top of the list of workspace’s projects.

How to Invite a New Participant to Your Project

Communication is key for successful project. ConceptDraw PLAN allows you to seamlessly connect everyone involved in your projects to keep your team working at the same page. You can invite users to your projects and assign them roles and role-depending permissions. Each person you invited to your project is considered as a user within your ConceptDraw PLAN license, regardless of his own.

  1. Open ConceptDraw PLAN. The Projects page will be opened by default.
  2. Select a workspace and click the desired project title. The project will be opened in the Gantt chart view.
  3. Select the Users menu. Enter email (1), user name (2) and press the "Add User" button (3).

  4. how-to-invite-conceptdraw-plan-user
  5. Set the user’s role in the project (1). When you invite a user to a role of Resource Manager, you should select one or more resources from the list (2).

  6. how toi nvite project user
  7. The user will get an email notification. To accept the invitation, user should click the OPEN ConceptDraw PLAN button.