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How to Open MS Visio® 2013/2016 Files on a Mac®

Powerful business graphics and diagramming tools are the norm and not the exception for today’s businesses. For years the de facto standard file format for business has been Microsoft Visio™. Many people involved in visual communication need software tools that will read and write using the Visio file format.


With the introduction of Visio 2013 Microsoft has changed the native file format used in earlier versions of Microsoft Visio. With the release of Visio 2013 the native file format is based on a new XML file structure that is highly compressed.

As a result when looking for a Visio alternative for Mac, people need the ability to open and save in the newer Visio 2013/2016 file format on their Macs. ConceptDraw PRO is the only professional diagramming software that works on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. All its documents and libraries are absolutely compatible and can be exchanged comfortable between the platforms. ConceptDraw PRO v11 is such a viable alternative for individuals and organizations that are looking for a professional business solution. ConceptDraw PRO v11 file import and export works roundtrip with the new Visio VSDX file format.

How to Open MS Visio® 2007-2010 Files on Mac®

ConceptDraw Visio File Conversion is a free web service, that is available to anyone who has a requirement to open Visio (VSD) documents in ConceptDraw PRO.

This service was created for Mac OS users , who need to open visual documents saved in Visio(VSD) file format.

The service converts files from Visio binary file format VSD into Visio XML files which will then have a VDX file extension.

To use our free file conversion service you should email your .vsd file. as attachment.
Our automated Visio File Converter will convert the file to .vdx and you will be able to view it in 15 minutes or less.

You can even send multiple .vsd files to us, compressed in a .zip format.
Our automated service will extract and convert each file, then send the converted files back to you in the same compression format in which you originally sent them.

If you want to open a VSD document on the Mac or on Windows and you do not have Visio available, ConceptDraw automatic Visio files conversion service can help you.

In Search of an Alternative to MS Visio for Mac

Many of us are acquainted with MS Visio, which is without a doubt a powerful and multi-functional tool. However, if you have moved from Windows to Mac, or need to collaborate in a cross-platform environment, you’ll find yourself searching for an alternative to MS Visio. ConceptDraw PRO is the only professional diagramming software that works on both Windows and Macintosh OS. All its documents and libraries are totally compatible and can be exchanged between the platforms.

In this short guide, we will describe the most requested drawing tools and how they work in ConceptDraw PRO for Mac OS X.

ConceptDraw PRO offers a set of vector drawing tools and methodologies that can complete any professional business drawing task. With ConceptDraw PRO, you are able to work with documents created on a PC on your Mac and vice versa.

What Makes ConceptDraw PRO the Best Alternative to MS Visio®

Creating diagrams is a common activity in any business and is used to explore and visualize complex information and processes. MS Visio is a professional diagramming software from Microsoft which often used for business drawings. But the one disadvantage of Microsoft Visio is that one need to spend time to learn how to use it properly and understand the application of the rather complex tools. ConceptDraw PRO is designed to satisfy all professional requirements as an alternative product to MS Visio.

Like Visio ConceptDraw PRO goes with dozens of collections of shapes, but the utility is almost the same too – you have to create your own customized shapes. This is the next feature which is more user-friendly than we know it of Visio.

Concept Draw allows import and export files to a large number of raster, vector, multimedia and text formats, making it easy to exchange data with other applications.

Concept Draw is the only professional diagramming software that works on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. All its documents and libraries are absolutely compatible and can be exchanged comfortable between the platforms.

ConceptDraw PRO advantages over Visio for professionals:

  • Features Comparison
Features ConceptDraw v.11 MS Visio 2016
Operating System Windows; OS X Windows
Presentation Mode  
Spline tool  
Dynamic Help  
Search for Samples, Templates and Libraries  
Multipage Documents
Smart objects
Integration and sharing
MS PowerPoint import/export  
Integration with Mind Mapping tool  
Integration with Project Management tool  
Export to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)  
Supports ConceptDraw XML format  
Supports Visio XML format
Export to PDF, graphic formats and HTML
Root Cause Analysis Tree  
Cause and Effect Diagram  
OS X Interface  
Ribbon Interface  
Building and Floor Plans
Network Diagrams
Value Stream Maps

  • Cross-Platforming

  • ConceptDraw PRO can be running both on PC, and Mac. ConceptDraw PRO users never faced difficulties with sharing their diagrams between Mac and PC users because they can open on Mac any drawing created on PC and vise versa.

  • Affordable Pricing

  • ConceptDraw PRO turns more beneficial at the price $199 versus $499 for the similar version of Visio. Furthermore, ConceptDraw Licensing Policy allows single user to install software on both Macintosh and PC, or on computer with cross-platform environment. This can be crucial for people who need to use laptops along with a desktop computer for their business purposes, and often computers have different operating systems.

  • No-Charged Technical Support

  • All ConceptDraw PRO users, unlike those of Visio, get professional technical support free.

  • Compatibility with MS Visio®

  • ConceptDraw PRO can export to VSDX and VDX file formats.
    ConceptDraw PRO can import MS Visio® VSDX, VDX and VSSX files. ConceptDraw PRO imports and edits any Visio drawing. Therefore changing software products, ones can use all their Visio documents.

Conclusion: ConceptDraw PRO is a useful diagram software that enables ones to create sketches of functions, diagram and so on to visualize information and processes cost- and effort effectively.

Replace Your Current Diagramming Tool

ConceptDraw PRO Site License

Migrate from Microsoft Visio to ConceptDraw PRO for the entire organization at one super-low price. With a ConceptDraw PRO Site License, any employee in your company can make use of ConceptDraw PRO. License-management is super easy with our administration dashboard. Plus, all users can avail themselves of our no-charge support services.

The site license grants your organization:

  1. Full use of ConceptDraw PRO, our flagship product.
  2. No-charge product updates and new features.
  3. No-charge phone and email support.
  4. An easy-to-use license-administration interface.

Contact us for more information on pricing, licensing, and functionality of the ConceptDraw productivity line.

ConceptDraw PRO is the Best Alternative to MS Visio®

For a fraction of the price of Microsoft Visio®, you can supply your entire company with a single ConceptDraw PRO Site License. Reduced price and effortless administration are just a couple of the reasons to make the switch from MS Visio® to ConceptDraw PRO:

  1. ConceptDraw PRO is powerful, and easy-to-use. See the demo video.
  2. ConceptDraw PRO can import MS Visio® VSDX, VSSX and VDX files. ConceptDraw PRO imports and edits any Visio drawing.
  3. ConceptDraw PRO can export to VSDX and VDX file formats.
  4. ConceptDraw PRO is cross-platform software that is compatible with both Apple OS X and Windows Operating Systems.
  5. Drawings you create using ConceptDraw PRO can be shared with anyone.
  6. Users benefit from extensive how-to videos and “Getting Started Guides”.

If you want to migrate from MS Visio®, or are just looking for a great diagramming tool for your company, a ConceptDraw PRO Site License is a solid choice.


Millions of Users in the World Rely on ConceptDraw PRO

Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphic technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. CS Odessa sells products internationally in over 150 countries, both directly and through resellers. The ConceptDraw line of products has won numerous awards and is used by millions of people all over the world. The unique individual approach to each customer is one of the many reasons our customers are loyal and satisfied fans of our ConceptDraw PRO software. Today, CS Odessa maintains its market leadership with innovative products and technologies, and is always tuned to global market trends.

Our Customers:


  • •  The University of Vienna (Austria)
  • •  Yale University (USA)
  • •  Victoria University (Australia)
  • •  Austrian Academy of Sciences


  • •  NASA Ames Research Center (USA)
  • •  Federal Reserve bank of New York (USA)
  • •  Department of the Premier and Cabinet Adelaide Thinkers in Residence Program (Australia)
  • •  The Richmond Fellowship of New South Wales (Australia)
  • •  Manpower Planning and Policy Division. Ministry of Manpower (Singapore)


  • •  Oracle (USA)
  • •  Cisco (USA)
  • •  INTECO (USA)
  • •  EON Group (Hungary)

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