project knowledge readiness

The measurement of knowledge in your project is a strategic advantage to your organization because it gives you insight into short and long term readiness and identifies the trouble areas that must be resolved. The knowledge-readiness indicator supports any project methodology and gives better insight to the project managers.

project knowledge readiness tools

In project management, very few indicators are predictive of future performance. Percent-completeness is an indicator of past performance; however, percentage of completion provides no insight into future project success. The ConceptDraw Knowledge-Readiness> Dashboard is an indicator of future project readiness. The Knowledge-Readiness Dashboard tracks individual tasks and the documentation associated with the tasks and provides a pictorial view of the project’s readiness state for successful task completion. For successful task completion, documentation must be in place, the ConceptDraw readiness indicator measures this key performance indicator.

The dashboard lends a Project Manager insight into numerous knowledge areas of a project. There are two indicators that are displayed together to give important project readiness details. The first indicator provides the ratio of unspecified tasks to specified tasks as a visual ratio that shows the relative readiness of any phase of the project. The second key performance indicator is a go or, no go representation of task-readiness and it indicates tasks that have a critically low number of specification documents and tasks that have adequate specification documents associated with tasks. The two knowledge-readiness indicators clearly show potential future project execution problem areas. The state of readiness indicator gives Project Managers a crystal ball that can be used to predict potential shortcomings in future project stages.