What is New in ConceptDraw PLAN v2

With the release of ConceptDraw PLAN v2, we continue on the path of providing a powerful and economical tool that provides Project Managers and Team Members with the tools needed to efficiently collaborate their projects successfully. ConceptDraw PLAN v2 is a secure online workspace where you can invite people to join and assign them projects. Make common resource pool for multiple project. Collaborate and manage project tasks, deadlines and resources allocation in one spot.

Sharing a Project Management Workspace

Now you can share a workspace and project resources among several project managers. Thus, in the same place you will immediately see your all your projects and stuff of other users you have invited to use the shared resources. Users you invited to your Workspace obtain the set of new possibilities for managing their own projects. They can upload/download their own projects as ConceptDraw PROJECT files (CDPZ) and assign resources to tasks of their projects using a common resource pool. Users of your Workspace will have the full project manager's authority within their projects: manage project schedule by changing Start/Finish dates of project tasks and manage usage of shared resources in their projects. Als they can make changes in project and resource calendars.


Workspace Resource Pool – Common Resource Pool for Several Project Managers

Workspace Resouce Pool is a new capability to share the same resources between several projects. Resources can be added manually, copied or transferred from existing projects or uploaded from ConceptDraw PROJECT file. Workspace Administrator can change parameters and calendars of the shared resources.


Project Resource Allocation Page for Managing the Resource Pool

The new Project Resource Allocation page has been added to assign resources from Workspace Resource Pool to different projects. The project manager can select a resource and assign it to a project; monitor the usage of this resource in tasks of other projects and move the task within a project timeline, if the resource is already used in another project.


Managing Shared Resource Allocation on Resource Usage Page

The renewed Resource Usage page allows you to analyze the loading of shared resources from Workspace Resource Pool. Invite your collegues to upload their projects and create a common resource pool for all your projects. The new Resource Usage page enables you to track the usage of shared resources. When an overload is detected, you can change the task’s start/finish dates, or edit project calendar.


Replacing Project Resources with Resources from Workspace Pool

Resources of the project loaded can be replaced with resources from Workspace Resource Pool. The new Resource Pool page will allow you to do this. In this case, all resource assignments to the project tasks will be saved and transferred to the replacement resource.