Working with MS Visio Files

For those who are migrating from MS Visio to ConceptDraw PRO, or for those who have colleagues and clients who use Visio, ConceptDraw PRO v10 and higher  is compatible with MS Visio 2013/2016 and MS Visio 2010.

Q:  Can ConceptDraw PRO  work with MS Visio files?

A: ConceptDraw PRO v10 and higher can import and export MS Visio 2013 newest VSDX  and import  VSSX  file format and MS Visio 2010 VDX format. If you have a VSD file - Visio 2003-2010 proprietary file format files, they can easily be converted to be used in ConceptDraw PRO. Since version 11, ConceptDaw PRO for Windows can import VSD format.

Q: How do I convert MS Visio VSD files to VDX format?

A: There are several ways to do this. offers a free online Visio conversion service, or you can use a copy of MS Visio to convert the files manually.

  1. To use the Online Visio Converter, just email your MS Visio VSD file as an attachment to The fully automated service will convert your file to VDX and email it right back to you. From there, you can import the file into ConceptDraw PRO. (NOTE: For best results, send files to the converter one at a time in separate emails)

  2. To use a copy of MS Visio to manually convert your files, you will need to have a computer that has a licensed copy of MS Visio installed. Open your VSD file in Visio and click on Save As in the File menu. In the Save As window, select VDX as the new file format. Click Save. From there, you can import the file into ConceptDraw PRO.

Q: How do I import MS Visio  files into ConceptDraw PRO ?

A: From the File menu, go to the Import section and select Microsoft Visio 2013 (VSDX) , Microsoft Visio 2010 (VDX), or Microsoft Visio  Stencils 2013 (VSSX). Select your file from the Open window and click "Open'. The Visio drawing will launch in ConceptDraw PRO.

Q: How do I export my ConceptDraw PRO  drawing to MS Visio?

A: From the File menu, go to the Export section and select Microsoft Visio 2013 (VSDX) or Microsoft Visio 2010 (VDX). Select a location for your file and click "Save".
You can now use the exported file in MS Visio.