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Importance of House Electrical Plans.
How to Create Electrical Layouts
with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM App

Importance of Electrical Layout Drawing

Electrical layout drawings are technical drawings that provide visual representations of circuits and electrical systems. These include electrical layouts and electrical designs created by electrical engineers for electricians and other workers. Electrical drawings offer valuable benefits to construction projects, help carefully thought out the electrical systems, lighting, power distribution, load flow, digital communication, the layout of the electrical wires, equipment, and devices, precisely install, efficiently maintain, and repair electrical systems.

Clear visualization of documentation using Electrical Diagrams increases efficiency in planning and realization the electrical and building projects, helps to explain complex electrical systems and interaction of numerous components in a visual graphical format, and efficiently distribute power to equipment and appliances. Electrical designs are useful to provide electrical safety procedures and smooth operation, minimizing disruptions and failures, and maximizing productivity. They ensure safety and reduce risks of technical errors, as well as accidents or injuries during installation or troubleshooting.

House electrical plan drawing may look at first as a complex task as it requires a lot of expertise, but we offer you a way to simplify drawing work. Start wiring diagram with an all-inclusive floor plan software — ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. It contains libraries with a large range of lighting and electrical symbols and ready-to-use samples and templates of electrical plans and electrical layouts.

House Electrical Plan

Types of Electrical Plans for Houses

Electrical Plans have great value in the construction of any building, in particular a residential block of flats or a private house. House electrical wiring diagram is necessary to plan out the locations of your switches, outlets, dimmers, and lights, and to understand how you will connect them, before wiring your home.

You don't need complicated drawing CAD tools, if you aren't drawing professionals. So ConceptDraw is your best solution when you map out utilization, decor, hobbies and the activities of the various residents.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a fast way to draw different types of Electrical plans:

# Options
1. House electrical plan
2. Electrical circuit diagrams
3. Electrical schematics
4. Electrical wiring
5. Electrical equipment
6. Circuit schematics
7. Digital circuits
8. Wiring in buildings
9. Satellite television
10. Cable television
11. Closed-circuit television
12. Home floor plans
13. House electrical wiring diagram
14. Home cinema

Designing Lighting Layouts and Switch Positions

You can use many of the built-in templates and examples of our House Electrical Planning App. Start with the exact template you need, then customize it to fit your needs with more than 1000 electrical symbols and you will find an expected result in minutes.

Home Electrical Plan

Electric and Telecom Plans solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software contains 6 libraries containing 334 objects:

Electrical library contains symbols for electrical drawings, circuit schematic and wiring diagrams.

Design Elements Lighting

Electrical and Telecom library contains symbols for electrical drawings of electrical and telecommunication equipment and wiring in buildings, communication centers, power plants and electrical distribution systems.

Design Elements Electrical and Telecom

Switches library contains symbols for drawing electrical circuit and electric wiring on the house electrical plan.

Design Elements Switches

Planning Outlet and Wiring Placement

Outlets library contains symbols for drawing electrical circuit schematic.

Design Elements Outlets

Video and Audio library contains symbols for drawing audio and video system design floor and building plans, cabling layouts, circuit schematic and wiring diagrams of video and sound reproduction systems.

Design Elements Video and Audio

Cable TV library contains symbols of CATV network equipment.

Design Elements Cable TV

Incorporating Safety Measures and Codes

Ensuring safety measures is critical for any building, helps to promote safety and protect people's lives and properties. The electrical system is an area of increased danger and requires particular attention. Its safety is achieved through implementing precautions, establishing and complying with a set of codes, standards, and regulations for electrical wiring, electrical installations and equipment. The compliance of safety starts from the house electrical plan drawing and then safe installation of electrical wiring and then electrical systems and equipment in buildings of any type without exception (residential, commercial, and industrial).

Engineers working with electrical systems must prioritize safety to prevent injuries, accidents, and even fatalities during the installation of electrical systems and further use. These include relevant training and education, attentiveness, proper equipment selection, installation following the rules and requirements, regular equipment maintenance, risk assessment, compliance with codes and standards, turning off the power before working with electrical wiring, fire safety measures, grounding and bonding, and personal protective equipment.

How to Use Electrical Plan Drawing Software

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM electrical plan drawing software works across both platforms Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows, meaning you never have to worry about compatibility again. It allows you to make electrical circuit diagram of any complexity on PC or macOS operating systems. Use ConceptDraw DIAGRAM to create the electrical and telecommunication floor plans for design and construction based on the floor plans describing the relationships between rooms, spaces, and physical objects, and using included outlets, switches, fixtures, and other objects.

Commonly used symbols and their meaning for House Electrical Plan drawing.

Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
Electrical symbols Ceiling mounted luminaire Ceiling mounted luminaire Electrical symbols Enclosed ceiling luminaire Enclosed ceiling luminaire
Electrical symbols Wall light Wall light. Wall mounted fixture Electrical symbols Multi-light bar Multi-light bar. Light bar with glass globes. Number of bulbs can be specified
Electrical symbols Down lighter Down lighter Electrical symbols Outdoor lightning Outdoor lightning
Electrical symbols Batten fluorescent fixture Batten fluorescent fixture One-, two-, or three-lamp configuration can be specified Electrical symbols Surface Fluorescent Light Surface Fluorescent Light
Electrical symbols Modular fluorescent fitting Modular fluorescent fitting Electrical symbols Pull-cord switch Pull-cord switch
Electrical symbols Switch Switch Electrical symbols Switch Switch, 1 and 2 pole
Electrical symbols Switch Switch, 2-way Electrical symbols Multi-switch Multi-switch
Electrical symbols Switch Switch, intermediate Electrical symbols Dimmer switches Dimmer switches
Electrical symbols Emergency light Emergency light Electrical symbols Illuminated emergency sign Illuminated emergency sign
Electrical symbols Socket outlet Socket outlet Electrical symbols Switched socket Switched socket
Electrical symbols Double socket Double socket Electrical symbols Cable television outlet Cable television outlet
Electrical symbols Service panel Service panel. Service for a flush mounted or recessed electrical service panel Electrical symbols Thermostat Thermostat
Electrical symbols Ceiling fan Ceiling fan.Exhaust fan fixture Electrical symbols lectro magnetic door hold open unit Electro magnetic door hold open unit
Electrical symbols Surface mounted heat or smoke detector Surface mounted heat or smoke detector Electrical symbols Fire alarm sounder Fire alarm sounder
Electrical symbols City Fire Alarm Station City Fire Alarm Station Electrical symbols Fire Alarm Station Fire Alarm Station
Electrical symbols Fire Alarm Bell Fire Alarm Bell Electrical symbols Fire Alarm Central Station Fire Alarm Central Station
Electrical symbols Automatic Fire Alarm Device Automatic Fire Alarm Device Electrical symbols Nain control or intake Nain control or intake
Electrical symbols Ground connection Ground connection Electrical symbols Doorbell Doorbell
Electrical symbols Push Button Push Button Electrical symbols Buzzer Buzzer
Electrical symbols Annunciator Annunciator Electrical symbols Horn Horn
Electrical symbols Maid's Signal Plug Maid's Signal Plug Electrical symbols Signal Central Station Signal Central Station
Electrical symbols Doorbell Chime Doorbell Chime Electrical symbols Doorbell Transformer Doorbell Transformer
Electrical symbols Magnetic Door Hold Magnetic Door Hold Electrical symbols Intercom Intercom
Electrical symbols Telephone Key System Telephone Key System Electrical symbols Digital Satellite System Digital Satellite System
Electrical symbols Digital Inside Antenna Inside Antenna Electrical symbols Outside Antenna Outside Antenna
Electrical symbols Electric Motors Electric Motors Electrical symbols Single Phase Single Phase
Electrical symbols Three of Polyphase Three of Polyphase Electrical symbols Wall Mounted Electrical Junction Box Wall Mounted Electrical Junction Box for Hardware
Electrical symbols Wall Mounted Telephone Wall Mounted Telephone/Data Junction Box for Hardware Electrical symbols Card Reader Access System Card Reader Access System
Electrical symbols Emergency Release Button Emergency Release Button Electrical symbols Emergency Motion Sensor Motion Sensor
Electrical symbols Electric Door Opener Electric Door Opener Electrical symbols Watchman's Station Watchman's Station
Electrical symbols Watchman's Central Station Watchman's Central Station Electrical symbols Battery Battery


This simple small house electrical plan is created using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM enhanced with the Electric and Telecom Plans Solution from the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

Electrical House Plan

These examples show the location of electrical devices in the building and the schemes of electric wiring.

House Electrical Plan Software


The following features make ConceptDraw DIAGRAM the best house electrical layout software:

  1. You don't need to be an artist to draw professional looking diagrams in a few minutes.
  2. Large quantity of ready-to-use vector objects makes your drawing diagrams quick and easy.
  3. Great number of predesigned templates and samples give you the good start for your own diagrams.
  4. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM electrical wiring planner provides you the possibility to use the grid, rules and guides. You can easily rotate, group, align, arrange the objects, use different fonts and colors to make your diagram exceptionally looking.
  5. All ConceptDraw DIAGRAM documents are vector graphic files and are available for reviewing, modifying, and converting to a variety of formats: image, HTML, PDF file, MS PowerPoint Presentation, Adobe Flash, MS Visio.
  6. Using ConceptDraw STORE you can navigate through ConceptDraw Solution Park, managing downloads and updates. You can access libraries, templates and samples directly from the ConceptDraw STORE.
  7. If you have any questions, our free of charge support is always ready to come to your aid.
Electrical plan is a document that is developed during the first stage of the building design. This scheme is composed of conventional images or symbols of components that operate by means of electric energy. To simplify the creation of these schemes you can use house electrical plan software, which will not require a long additional training to understand how to use it. You only need to install the necessary software ant it’s libraries and you’ll have one less problem during the building projection. Any building contains a number of electrical systems, including switches, fixtures, outlets and other lightening equipment. All these should be depicted in a building electrical plans and included to general building documentation. This home electrical plan displays electrical and telecommunication devices placed to a home floor plan. On the plan, each electrical device is referenced with the proper symbol. Electrical symbols are used for universal recognition of the building plan by different persons who will be working on the construction. Not all possible electric symbols used on a certain plan, so the symbols used in the current home plan are included to a legend. The electrical home plan may be added as a separate document to a complete set of building plans.House Electrical Plan Software
Picture: How To use House Electrical Plan Software
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While studying, many of the students encounter the necessity of remaking class projects, over and over. To facilitate this process you can use special electrical and telecom plan software, which helps altering projects in several clicks. Using templates will fasten your work, and you will have more free time. This sample represents an electrical and telecommunication floor plan. Electrical and telecom floor plans contain a floor plan , on which imposed the layout of electrical, and telecommunications equipment. They shows electrical and telecom details regarding the current floor of a building: lightening, fixtures, wires, outlets, circuit panels, etc. Using of standart notation of electrical and telecommunication symbols makes the plan understandable for engineers, architects, constructors, specialist in electricity and telecommunications.Electrical and Telecom Plan Software
Picture: Electrical and Telecom Plan Software
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Electrical Engineering Solution used together with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM drawing facilities makes short a work of drawing various electrical and electronic circuit schemes. A library of vector objects composed from symbols of Analog and Digital Logic elements of electric circuit includes 40 symbolic images of logic gates, bistable switches of bi-stable electric current, circuit controllers, amplifiers, regulators, generators, etc. All of them can be applied in electronic circuit schemes for showing both analog and digital elements of the circuit. Electrical Engineering Solution used together with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM drawing facilities makes short a work of drawing various electrical and electronic circuit schemes. A library of vector objects composed from symbols of Analog and Digital Logic elements of electric circuit includes 40 symbolic images of logic gates, bistable switches of bi-stable electric current, circuit controllers, amplifiers, regulators, generators, etc. All of them can be applied in electronic circuit schemes for showing both analog and digital elements of the circuit.Electrical Diagram Symbols
Picture: Electrical Symbols, Electrical Diagram Symbols
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There are a lot of tutorials that get you familiar with emergency situations. If you want to know how to create emergency plans and fire evacuation schemes then you must be concerned about safety. There is a list of rules that you should follow to set the fire safety equipment properly. Discover this precise and accurate fire emergency evacuation plan. This sample drawing demonstrate facilities of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM together with its Fire and Emergency Plans solution. The evacuation plan is designed to provide employees and visitors with a map depicting the ways they may use to escape the building in emergency situations. The telephone sets, first aid boxes and extinguisher are also marked on this plan. The evacuation plan should contain a legend for readers. The similar plans are commonly hang on the wall on the building's floors.How To Create Emergency Plans and Fire Evacuation
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To maintain big and complex mechanical systems, you need an appropriate education and tools. It’s needless to say that mechanical drawing is important part of any industrial project. There are a lot of standard symbols depicting valves, pumps, motors, etc. This drawing illustrates the content of the Fluid Power Equipment library provided by the ConceptDraw Mechanical Engineering solution. The solution is composed from the 8 libraries, containing about 500 elements related to mechanical engineering visualization. it will be helpful for drawing various schemes, charts and blueprints of pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment or other drawing related mechanical engineering. All drawings can be freely resized without loss of quality due to the vector graphics components of its facilities.Mechanical Drawing Symbols
Picture: Mechanical Drawing Symbols
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In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another. The mechanism of a switch may be operated directly by a human operator to control a circuit (for example, a light switch or a keyboard button), may be operated by a moving object such as a door-operated switch, or may be operated by some sensing element for pressure, temperature or flow. A relay is a switch that is operated by electricity. Switches are made to handle a wide range of voltages and currents; very large switches may be used to isolate high-voltage circuits in electrical substations. 26 libraries of the Electrical Engineering Solution of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM make your electrical diagramming simple, efficient, and effective. You can simply and quickly drop the ready-to-use objects from libraries into your document to create the electrical diagram.Electrical Symbols — Switches and Relays *
Picture: Electrical Symbols — Switches and Relays
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What is a computer network? This is a set of devices and systems that are connected to each other (logically or physically) and communicate with each other. This could include servers, computers, phones, routers, and so on. The size of this network can reach the size of the Internet, and can consist of only two devices connected by a cable. This sample shows the connection scheme of the home WLAN equipment to the Internet.Diagram of a Basic Computer Network
Picture: Diagram of a Basic Computer Network. Computer Network Diagram Example
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A cozy atmosphere is crucial for the success of any cafe or restaurant. To provide it, you should use restaurant floor plan software at the stage of design. If your establishment is located conveniently and has a harmonic atmosphere inside it, this is bound to be a success. This sample Restaurant floor plan illustrates the possibilities of ConceptDraw solution for Cafe and Restaurant plans. It represents the location of the restaurant's main hall with its furnishing as well as a plan of kitchen and toilets. Generally, Cafe and Restaurant Plans solution has a big set vector images of tables, seats, lightening, etc. Using them you will be able to plan the restaurant of your desire with an incredible design and spirit.Restaurant Floor Plan Software
Picture: Restaurant Floor Plan Software
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Some organization hold offices for years and decades, or even build their own campuses. However, if it’s time for your organization to move to another building, drawing software for designing office layout plan would come in handy. With such software you can save a lot of time and create a new layout or try to save old layout in a new building. This office layout plan is an example of a typical office furniture and equipment arrangement. This drawing provides a graphic view of the office area and its facilities including furniture and office equipment. It can be used as template which represent, desks, files, and other pieces of equipment that can be re-arranged according the certain requirements to office space and facilities. The vector graphic objects that represent various office layout elements such as special office furniture and equipment can help you to shape a number of creative ideas and develop your office layout plan.Building Drawing Software for Design Office Layout Plan
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If you want to find a way to understand complex things in minutes, you should try to visualize data. One of the most useful tool for this is creating a flowchart, which is a diagram representing stages of some process in sequential order. There are so many possible uses of flowcharts and you can find tons of flow charts examples and predesigned templates on the Internet. Warehouse flowchart is often used for describing workflow and business process mapping. Using your imagination, you can simplify your job or daily routine with flowcharts. Warehouse flowcharts are used to document product and information flow between sources of supply and consumers. The flowchart provides the staged guidance on how to manage each aspect of warehousing and describes such aspects as receiving of supplies; control of quality; shipment and storage and corresponding document flow. Warehouse flowchart, being actual is a good source of information. It indicates the stepwise way to complete the warehouse and inventory management process flow. Also it can be very useful for an inventory and audit procedures.Warehouse Flowchart
Picture: Flow chart Example. Warehouse Flowchart
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