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Mind Maps are the easiest way to organize your ideas and information. They are very popular in almost all areas of life and activity, and particularly in education area.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is an ideal software tool for learning process. It combines great tools for all activities from organizing to accomplishing learning process - prepare lectures and learning materials, provide trainings and test knowledge with students, make presentations, problem solve, brainstorming, and much more.

Prepare lectures

Any lecturer and teacher want to make their lectures relevant and interesting for students, it is important to keep the attention of students. The Mind Maps will help to explain lecture material, prepare lesson plans and presentations, etc.

Provide trainings

Looking the ways for effective trainings? Use of Mind Maps and Brainstorming is the most effective way during the trainings to collect and organize ideas.

Test knowledge with students

Mind Maps allow the students to systematize and test their understanding of the material that they have studied.

Self learning

Mind Maps for self learning? They are useful and effective, they lets you make the comprehensive, visual illustrations that will allow better memorize new material.

Organizing distance learning for small team

In the process of organizing the distance learning for the team, the ConceptDraw MINDMAP is indispensable. It gives the possibilities for remote mind map presentations and for delivering lessons to a remote group via a Skype conference call.

Learning with MindMap *

Pic. 1. Learning with MindMap - Leadership training.

Make the learning process effective and interesting with ConceptDraw MINDMAP !

MindMap Exchange Solution from the Collaboration Area extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with the ability to easily exchange mind maps with a large variety of other mind mapping applications. Use ConceptDraw STORE to get the access to the MindMap Exchange Solution.

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Emergency Plan →

Unfortunately, a man can’t predict the future and no one is safe from natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes or fires. Nonetheless, what you can do to ensure safety for you and your relatives is to create an emergency plan, so everyone will know what to do if emergency happens. Keep that plan simple and train it several times a year so that no one could forget any details of it. Fire and emergency plans are important to supply people with a visual safety solution. This diagram presents a set of standard symbols used to depict fire safety, emergency, and associated information. Using clear and standard symbols on fire emergency plans provides the coherence of collective actions , helps to avoid embarrassment, and improves communications in an emergent situation. The fire emergency symbols are intended for the general emergency and fire service, as well as for building plans ,engineering drawings and insurance diagrams. They can be used during fire extinguishing and evacuation operations, as well as trainings. It includes vector symbols for emergency management mapping, emergency evacuation diagrams and plans.Emergency Plan
Picture: Emergency Plan
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Create Learning Presentation using mindmaps →

Learning Presentation using mindmaps. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is Frequently used tool for presentations, remote trainings via Skype and webinars.Create Learning Presentation using mindmaps *
Picture: Create Learning Presentation using mindmaps
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