Design elements - AWS Migration

The vector stencils library "AWS Migration" contains 7 Amazon Web Services migration icons: AWS Migration Hub, AWS Application Discovery Service, AWS DMS, AWS SMS, AWS Snowball, Database migration workflow/job, Import/Export. Use it to draw AWS architecture diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO software. Amazon Migration services includes: "AWS Application Discovery Service (Discover On-Premises Applications to Streamline Migration), AWS Database Migration Service (Migrate Databases with Minimal Downtime), AWS Server Migration Service (Migrate On-Premises Servers to AWS), AWS Snowball (Petabyte-scale Data Transport), AWS Snowball Edge (Petabyte-scale Data Transport with On-board Compute), AWS Snowmobile (Exabyte-scale Data Transport)" [aws.amazon.com] The AWS icons example "Design elements - AWS Migration" is included in the AWS Architecture Diagrams solution from the Computer and Networks area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Amazon Web Services icons
Amazon Web Services icons, import, export, database migration workflow job, AWS, snowball, AWS migration hub, AWS SMS, AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Application Discovery Service,