Sochi 2014 Olympics - Men’s hockey tournament schedule - Infographics

The example "Sochi 2014 Olympics - Men’s hockey tournament schedule" represent Ice Hockey schedule of XXII Olympic Winter Games according to Sochi2014.com website. [sochi2014.com/en/ice-hockey-schedule-and-results] "The 2014 Winter Olympics, officially the XXII Olympic Winter Games, or the 22nd Winter Olympics, are scheduled to take place from 6 to 23 February 2014, in Sochi, Russia, with some events held in the resort town of Krasnaya Polyana. Ninety-eight events in fifteen winter sports will be held. Both the Olympics and 2014 Winter Paralympics are being organized by the Sochi Organizing Committee (SOC). ... The events of the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held around two clusters of new venues; an Olympic Park was constructed in the Imeretinsky Valley on the coast of the Black Sea, with Fisht Olympic Stadium and the Games' indoor venues located within walking distance, and snow events will be held at Krasnaya Polyana." [2014 Winter Olympics. Wikipedia] The example "Sochi 2014 Olympics - Men’s hockey tournament schedule" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Winter Sports solution. The Winter Sports solution from the Sport area of ConceptDraw Solution Park contains the vector stencils library "Winter sports pictograms" and examples of diagrams and infographics.
Men’s hockey tournament schedule
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