Design elements - Winter Olympics pictograms

The vector stencils library "Winter Olympics pictograms" contains 29 pictograms and silhouettes: Olympic rings, Olympic torch, medal pedestal, gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal, medals with ribbon, skis, ski poles, biathlon rifle, snowboard, ski goggles, ski gloves, ice hockey helmet, hockey stick, hockey puck, ice hockey skates, ice skates, luge, bobsleigh sled, curling stone, mountains, snowflake, fir-tree, ski lift. Use it to create your own winter sports diagrams, infographics and illustrations. The example "Design elements - Winter Olympics pictograms" is included in the Winter Sports solution from the Sport area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Winter Olympics pictograms
Winter Olympics pictograms, snowflake, snowboard, skis, ski poles, ski lift ride, ski lift silhouette, ski goggles, ski gloves, silver olympic medal, mountains, luge, ice skates for girls, ice skates silhouette, ice hockey skates silhouette, ice hockey helmet, hockey stick, hockey puck, gold olympic medal, fir-tree, curling rock, curling stone, curling sport equipment, curling broom, curling sport equipment, bronze olympic medal, bobsleigh sled, biathlon rifle, Olympic torch, Olympic rings, Olympic medal pedestal, winners podium,