Design elements - Business process BPMN 1.2 (Rapid Draw)

The vector stencils library "Business process BPMN 1.2 (Rapid Draw)" contains 12 symbols of objects, roles swimlanes, and task icons for creating the business process diagrams using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software. "BPMN models consist of simple diagrams constructed from a limited set of graphical elements. For both business users and developers, they simplify understanding business activities' flow and process. BPMN's four basic element categories are: (1) Flow objects. Events, activities, gateways. (2) Connecting objects. Sequence flow, message flow, association (3) Swim lanes. Pool, lane. (4) Artifacts. Data object, group, annotation. These four categories enable creation of simple business process diagrams (BPDs). BPDs also permit making new types of flow object or artifact, to make the diagram more understandable. ... Task. A task represents a single unit of work that is not or cannot be broken down to a further level of business process detail without diagramming the steps in a procedure (which is not the purpose of BPMN)." [Business Process Model and Notation. Wikipedia] The shapes example "Design elements - Business process BPMN 1.2 (Rapid Draw)" is included in the Business Process Diagram solution from the Business Processes area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
BPMN 1.2 symbols
BPMN 1.2 symbols, urgent, task, swimlane vertical, swimlane horizontal, packaging, order, gateway, event, e-mail, email, document, decision, boundary,