Design elements - Professions

The vector stencils library Professions contains 58 people images of different professions. "A qualified professional is someone who has completed a professional degree in one or more profession. In narrow usage, not all expertise is considered a profession. Although sometimes referred to as professions, occupations such as skilled construction and maintenance work are more generally thought of as trades or crafts. The completion of an apprenticeship is generally associated with skilled labor or trades such as carpenter, electrician, mason, painter, plumber and other similar occupations. A related distinction would be that a professional does mainly mental or administrative work, as opposed to engaging in physical work." [Professional. Wikipedia] Use the design elements library Professions to draw your illustrations using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software. The vector clip art library Professions is included in the People solution from the Illustration area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Vector clip art
 Vector clip art, worker, conveyor, man, waiter, teacher, woman, tailor, system administrator, student, guy, student, girl, spaceman, soldier, man, shop assistant, security officer, man, secretary, woman, seaman, man, reporter, woman, programmer, priest, presenter, postman, man, policeman, man, pilot, man, photographer, musician, miner, man, manager, man, lawyer, jurist, judge, hall porter, hairdresser, gardener, man, florist, flight attendant, hostess, air hostess, woman, fireman, man, engineer, man, driver, man, doctor, physician, medic, medical man, medical adviser, dispatcher, woman, dispatcher, man, director, man, dentist, cook, consultant, adviser, counselor, advisor, consultor, counsellor, clerk, woman, clerk, man, cleaner, man, chemist, cashier, carpenter, man, builder, man, biologist, athlete, sportsman, artist, architect, man, announcer, man, accountant,