Design elements - Decision flowchart

The vector stencil library "Decision flowchart" contains 61 flowchart symbols. Use it to design your decision diagrams, flow charts and infographics. The diagram building blocks example "Design elements - Decision flowchart" is included in Decision Making solution from Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Decision diagram stencils
Decision diagram stencils, torso pictogram, title block, terminal point, tagged process, tagged document, summary, subroutine, predefined process, stored data, stickman pictogram, start, sort, sequential access storage, reference point, process step, preparation, prepare conditional, paper tape, page, or, on-page reference, inspection point, off-page reference, multi process, multi document, merge, manual operation, manual input, manual file, loop limit, lined process, shaded process, lined document, junction symbol, internal storage, flow line, arrow, connector, extract, part, device, event, entity, document, completed form, document, divided process, display, disk storage, direct access storage, delay, decision indicator, yes, decision indicator, no, decision, database, data input, data output, control transfer, conditional selector, concurrency symbol, fork, join, horizontal bar, compare, communication link, collate, check, audit, card, brace callout, comment, note, annotation,