Balanced scorecard strategy map

This marketing diagram sample depicts balanced scorecard strategy map. It was redesigned from the Wikimedia Commons file: Strategy map.JPG. [commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Strategy_map.JPG] "A strategy map is a diagram that is used to document the primary strategic goals being pursued by an organization or management team. It is an element of the documentation associated with the Balanced Scorecard... Strategy maps show: (1) Each objective as text appearing within a shape (usually an oval or rectangle). (2) Relatively few objectives (usually less than 20). (3) Objectives are arrayed across two or more horizontal bands on the strategy map, with each band representing a 'perspective'. (4) Broad causal relationships between objectives shown with arrows that either join objectives together, or placed in a way not linked with specific objectives but to provide general euphemistic indications of where causality lies." [Strategy map. Wikipedia] The marketing diagram example "Balanced scorecard strategy map" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Marketing Diagrams solution from the Marketing area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Marketing diagram
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