Composite assemblies - Vector stencils library

The vector stencils library "Composite assemblies" contains 44 element symbols of transmitters (electronic amplifiers, repeaters), static devices (rectifiers), phase shift circuits, gyroscopes, and gyrators. Use it to design the electronic circuit diagrams and electrical schematics in the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Electrical Engineering solution from the Engineering area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. www.conceptdraw.com/solution-park/engineering-electrical
Amplifier with bypass
Amplifier with bypass, amplifier, bypass,
Bridge rectifier
Bridge rectifier, bridge rectifier, bridge-type rectifier,
Chopper, chopper,
Demodulator, diode-type, ring, demodulator, modulator,
Gyro, gyro, gyroscope, gyrocompass,
Position indicator synchro
Position indicator synchro, position indicator, DC synchro type,
Position indicator inductor
Position indicator inductor, position indicator, inductor,
Position transmitter Desynn
Position transmitter Desynn, position transmitter, Desynn type, DC synchro type,
Position transmitter inductor
Position transmitter inductor, position transmitter, inductor,
Fire ext. actuator
Fire ext. actuator, fire extinguisher actuator, fire extinguisher actuator head, single head, connectors,
Fire ext. double
Fire ext. double, fire extinguisher actuator, fire extinguisher actuator head, double head, connectors,
Amplifier, 1 line
Amplifier, 1 line, amplifier,
Amplifier, 2 lines
Amplifier, 2 lines, amplifier,
Amplifier, 2 inputs
Amplifier, 2 inputs, amplifier,
Magnetic amplifier, 1 line
Magnetic amplifier, 1 line, magnetic amplifier,
Magnetic amplifier, 2 lines
Magnetic amplifier, 2 lines, magnetic amplifier,
Magnetic amplifier, 2 inputs
Magnetic amplifier, 2 inputs, magnetic amplifier,
Negative impedance both-way amplifier
Negative impedance both-way amplifier, negative impedance, both-way, amplifier,
Amplifier external DC control
Amplifier external DC control, amplifier, external DC control, external direct-current control,
Controlled rectifier
Controlled rectifier, controlled rectifier,
1-way repeater, 1 line
1-way repeater, 1 line, 1-way repeater, telephone repeater,
1-way repeater, 2 lines
1-way repeater, 2 lines, 1-way repeater, telephone repeater,
2-way repeater, 1 line
2-way repeater, 1 line, 2-way repeater,
2-way repeater, 2 lines
2-way repeater, 2 lines, 2-way repeater,
2-way repeater, bypass, 2 lines
2-way repeater, bypass, 2 lines, 2-way repeater, bypass, low-frequency bypass,
2-way repeater, bypass, 1 line
2-way repeater, bypass, 1 line, 2-way repeater, bypass, low-frequency bypass,
2-way repeater, 4-wire, 4 lines
2-way repeater, 4-wire, 4 lines, 2-way repeater, 4-wire,
2-way repeater, 4-wire, 1 line
2-way repeater, 4-wire, 1 line, 2-way repeater, 4-wire,
Network low voltage
Network low voltage, network low voltage power,
Phase shifter, general
Phase shifter, general, phase shifter,
Phase shifter, 3-wire
Phase shifter, 3-wire, phase shifter,
Gyro 2
Gyro 2, gyro, gyroscope, gyrocompass,
Converter, general
Converter, general, converter,
DC converter
DC converter, converter, DC converter,
Rectifier, converter, rectifier,
Inverter, converter, inverter,
Rectifier/inverter, converter, inverter, rectifier, rectifier-inverter,
Rectifier bridge
Rectifier bridge, rectifier, bridge,
Heat source, general
Heat source, general, heat source,
Heat source, radioisotope
Heat source, radioisotope, heat source, radioisotope,
Heat source, combustion
Heat source, combustion, heat source, combustion,
Proximity sensor
Proximity sensor, proximity sensor,
Touch sensor
Touch sensor, touch sensor,