Rotating equipment - Vector stencils lybrary

The vector stencils lybrary "Rotating equipment" contains 55 symbols of rotating equipment: converters, generators, motors, rotating machines, and their parts and labels. Use to design systems containing rotating electrical equipment (i.e., motors), armatures, brushes, and related mechanical devices ( brakes, gearing, clutches, interlocks) in the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Electrical Engineering solution from the Engineering area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. www.conceptdraw.com/solution-park/engineering-electrical
Permanent magnet
Permanent magnet, permanent magnet,
Gearing, gearing,
Synchronous converter
Synchronous converter, rotating machine, synchronous converter,
Generator, rotating machine, generator,
Synchronous generator
Synchronous generator, rotating machine, synchronous generator,
Motor, rotating machine, motor,
Motor generator
Motor generator, rotating machine, motor generator,
Synchronous motor
Synchronous motor, rotating machine, synchronous motor,
Rotating machine
Rotating machine, rotating machine,
Hand generator
Hand generator, rotating machine, hand generator,
1 brush
1 brush, brush,
2 brushes
2 brushes, brush,
Field, commutating or compensating
Field, commutating or compensating, field, generator, motor,
Field, series
Field, series, field, generator, motor,
Field, shunt or separate
Field, shunt or separate, field, generator, motor,
Winding connection, 1 phase
Winding connection, 1 phase, winding connection,
Winding connection, 2 phase
Winding connection, 2 phase, winding connection,
Winding connection, 3 phase wye
Winding connection, 3 phase wye, winding connection,
Winding connection, 3 phase delta
Winding connection, 3 phase delta, winding connection,
Winding connection, 6 phase diametrical
Winding connection, 6 phase diametrical, winding connection,
Winding connection, 6 phase double delta
Winding connection, 6 phase double delta, winding connection,
Synchro general
Synchro general, synchro,
Synchro, control transformer
Synchro, control transformer, synchro,
Synchro, differential receiver
Synchro, differential receiver, synchro,
Synchro, resolver
Synchro, resolver, synchro,
Brake, brake,
Rotation 2
Rotation 2, rotation,
Rotation, rotation,
Clutch, engaged
Clutch, engaged, clutch,
Clutch, disengaged
Clutch, disengaged, clutch,
Clutch, engaged 2
Clutch, engaged 2, clutch,
Clutch, disengaged 2
Clutch, disengaged 2, clutch,
Delayed action
Delayed action, delayed action,
Delayed action 2
Delayed action 2, delayed action,
Manual control, general
Manual control, general, manual control,
Manual control, pushing
Manual control, pushing, manual control,
Manual control, push/pull
Manual control, push/pull, manual control,
Manual control, pulling
Manual control, pulling, manual control,
Manual control, turning
Manual control, turning, manual control,
Manual control, emergency switch
Manual control, emergency switch, manual control,
Manual control, proximity effect
Manual control, proximity effect, manual control,
Manual control, touching
Manual control, touching, manual control,
Manual control, remote handle
Manual control, remote handle, manual control,
Manual control, handwheel
Manual control, handwheel, manual control,
Manual control, key
Manual control, key, manual control,
Manual control, roller
Manual control, roller, manual control,
Manual control, crunk
Manual control, crunk, manual control,
Blocking device
Blocking device, blocking device,
Blocking device 2
Blocking device 2, blocking device,
Blocking device 3
Blocking device 3, blocking device,
Latching device, engaged
Latching device, engaged, latching device,
Latching device, disengaged
Latching device, disengaged, latching device,
Mechanical interlock
Mechanical interlock, mechanical interlock,
Automatic return
Automatic return, automatic return,
Detent, detent,