The ISE Enterprise Architecture Framework

This enterprise architecture diagram example was drawn on the base of the figure illustrating the webpage "ISE Enterprise Architecture Framework 2007" from the Semantic Community website. "The ISE Enterprise Architecture Framework. As Figure ... depicts, the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Reference Models (RMs) provide the basis for the ISE EAF. All elements of the ISE EAF are mapped back to elements of the FEA RMs with the FEA management processes applied by the OMB leveraged in support of implementing the ISE. The four ISE EAF partitions are mapped to the five FEA RMs to enable tracking the development of the ISE EAF across agencies using standardized OMB policies and processes that structure EA development and budgeting processes. The ISE EAF also provides an overarching mapping of the ISE into not only Federal civil systems, but also national security systems. ... Two primary views are used to describe the ISE EAF: 1) the Architect’s View and 2) the Implementer’s View. While the term “view” is typically used to refer to different aspects of an architecture, the OMB suggested the term “partition” rather than the more common terms “architecture” or “view” to differentiate the ISE approach as a framework from the approach typically used in departmental and agency EAs. The Architect’s View comprises four partitions: 1) Business, 2) Data, 3) Application and Service, and 4) Technical. The Architect’s View is used to provide structural alignment of the ISE architectural components into the FEA structure to ensure strategies, business processes, investments, data, systems, and technologies within the ISE are integrated and compatible with those across the Federal government." [semanticommunity.info/Information_Sharing_Environment/ISE_Enterprise_Architecture_Framework_2007#Figure_ES-2._The_ISE_Enterprise_Architecture_Framework_Is_Defined_by_Two_Views_and_Four_Partitions] The diagram example "The ISE Enterprise Architecture Framework" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Enterprise Architecture Diagrams solution from the Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Enterprise architecture diagram
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