Design elements - Office accessories

The vector stencils library "Office accessories" contains 22 icons of office equipment and desk accessories as magnetic and marker boards, projection screens, letter and paper trays, etc. Use it to design your office layout plans with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software. "A whiteboard (also known by the terms marker board, dry-erase board, wipe board, dry-wipe board, pen-board, and grease board) is any glossy, usually white surface for nonpermanent markings. Whiteboards are analogous to blackboards, but with a smoother surface allowing rapid marking and erasing of markings on their surface. The popularity of whiteboards increased rapidly in the mid-1990s and they have become a fixture in many offices, meeting rooms, school classrooms, and other work environments. ... The term whiteboard is also used to refer to interactive whiteboards." [Whiteboard. Wikipedia] The vector stencils example "Design elements - Office accessories" is included in Office Layout Plan solition from Building Plan area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
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Layout plan stencils, writing board, magnetic board, wastepaper basket, square waste can, waste can, tablet stand, screen, projection screen, wall mounted, projection screen, floor, pencil cup, paper tray, paper box, noticeboard, newspaper rack, media box, marker board, magnetic board, task board, magazine stand, magazine file, letter tray, desk pad, desk organizer, chalkboard,