Design elements - Scatter graphs

This vector stencils library contains 7 templates of scatter graphs (scattergraphs, scatter charts, scatter plots, scatterplots, scatter diagrams). Use it to design your scatter graphs with ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software for visual analysis of correlation or dependence between two variables. "In statistics, dependence is any statistical relationship between two random variables or two sets of data. Correlation refers to any of a broad class of statistical relationships involving dependence. Familiar examples of dependent phenomena include the correlation between the physical statures of parents and their offspring, and the correlation between the demand for a product and its price. Correlations are useful because they can indicate a predictive relationship that can be exploited in practice. For example, an electrical utility may produce less power on a mild day based on the correlation between electricity demand and weather. In this example there is a causal relationship, because extreme weather causes people to use more electricity for heating or cooling; however, statistical dependence is not sufficient to demonstrate the presence of such a causal relationship (i.e., correlation does not imply causation). Formally, dependence refers to any situation in which random variables do not satisfy a mathematical condition of probabilistic independence. In loose usage, correlation can refer to any departure of two or more random variables from independence, but technically it refers to any of several more specialized types of relationship between mean values." [Correlation and dependence. Wikipedia] The chart templates example "Design elements - Scatter graphs" is included in the Scatter Diagrams solution from the Graphs and Charts area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
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