Design elements - General window elements

The vector stencils library "General window elements" contains 31 window elements. Use this window UI icon set to design graphic user interface (GUI) of your software application for OS X 10.10 Yosemite Apple Mac operating system. "A window provides a frame for viewing and interacting with content in an app. ... A window consists of window-frame areas and a window body. The window-frame areas are the title bar and toolbar, which are typically combined. ... The window body can extend from the top edge of the window (that is, underneath the combined title bar/toolbar area) to the bottom edge of the window. The window body represents the main content area of the window. ... OS X defines appearances that can affect the look of controls and views in particular contexts, such as a window’s sidebar. ... OS X specifies a set of control/style combinations that are designed to look good on the toolbar, whether the toolbar is translucent or opaque. ... Every document window, app window, and panel has, at a minimum: - A title bar (or a combined title bar and toolbar), so that users can move the window. - A close button, so that users have a consistent way to dismiss the window. A standard document window may also have the following additional elements that an app window or panel might not have: - Transient horizontal or vertical scroll bars, or both (if not all the window’s contents are visible). - Minimize and fullscreen buttons (note that the fullscreen button changes to a zoom button if the window doesn’t support fullscreen mode or when users hold down the Option key). - A proxy icon and a versions menu (after the user has given a document a name and save location for the first time). - The title of the document (that functions as the title of the window). - Transient resize controls." [https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/OSXHIGuidelines/WindowAppearanceBehavior.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/20000957-CH33-SW1] The example "Design elements - General window elements" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Mac OS User Interface solution from the Software Development area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Window elements
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