Vector stencils library - IDEF3 process schematic symbols

This vector stencils library contains 12 process schematic symbols. Use it to design your IDEF3 diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing tools. The vector stencils library "IDEF3 process schematic symbols" is included in the IDEF Business Process Diagrams solution from the Business Processes area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Unit of Behavior (UOB)
Unit of Behavior (UOB), unit of behavior, UOB,
Simple Precedence Link
Simple Precedence Link, simple precedence link,
General Constraint Precedence Link
General Constraint Precedence Link, general constraint precedence link,
Direction Constraint Precedence Link
Direction Constraint Precedence Link, direction constraint precedence link,
Opposite Direction Constraint Precedence Link
Opposite Direction Constraint Precedence Link, opposite direction constraint precedence link,
Both Directions Constraint Precedence Link
Both Directions Constraint Precedence Link, both directions constraint precedence link,
Relational Link
Relational Link, relational link,
AND Junction (process)
AND Junction (process), AND junction, AND process,
OR Junction (process)
OR Junction (process), OR junction, OR process,
Synchronous AND Junction
Synchronous AND Junction, synchronous AND junction,
Synchronous OR Junction
Synchronous OR Junction, synchronous OR junction,
XOR Junction
XOR Junction, XOR junction,