Onion diagram with 3 sectors - Template

Use this onion diagram template with ConceptDraw PRO software to design your stakeholder management diagrams. "Stakeholder management is a critical component to the successful delivery of any project, programme or activity. A stakeholder is any individual, group or organization that can affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a programme. Effective Stakeholder Management creates positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives. Stakeholder management is a process and control that must be planned and guided by underlying principles. Stakeholder management within businesses, organizations, or projects prepares a strategy utilising information (or intelligence) gathered during the following common processes." [Stakeholder management. Wikipedia] The stakeholder diagram template "Onion diagram with 3 sectors" is included in the Stakeholder Onion Diagrams solution from the Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Stakeholder management diagram
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