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In Search of an Alternative to MS Visio for Mac

Many of us are acquainted with MS Visio, which is without a doubt a powerful and multi-functional tool. However, if you have moved from Windows to Mac, or need to  collaborate in a cross-platform environment, you’ll find yourself searching for an alternative to MS Visio. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is the only professional diagramming software that works on both Windows and Macintosh OS.
All its documents and libraries are totally compatible and can be exchanged between the platforms.

In this short guide, we  will describe the most requested drawing tools and how they work in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM for macOS.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM featured tools

Where to find them on Mac?
Drawing Tools
  • Snap&Grid:
    Customizable grid and
    snap tools

  • Snap and Grid buttons on Main Toolbar
    Tools menu > Grid&Rulers, Snap&Glue
  • Shapes alignment:
    A set of options to align shapes

  • Arrange&Size panel. Open it using Format button on Main Toolbar
  • Layers:
    Unlimited number of easy to  handle layers is supported.

  • Layers panel accessible from Main Toolbar
Connection Tools
  • Smart Connectors:
    Smart connectors flow around shapes and display gaps
    or bridges where they cross other connectors

  • Smart Connector Tool from Main Toolbar,
    or Insert menu > Smart Connector
  • Automatic connection:
    Automatic  connection mode is available

  • Chain or Tree Connection Mode can be activated from Main Toolbar.
  • Connection points:
    Possibility to add connection points to any part of shapes and lines

  • Insert menu > Connection point
Shape Tools
  • Ready shapes:
    Huge set of shapes, collected into thematic libraries.

  • Select Libraries on Main toolbar
  • Custom shapes:
    Create your own  customized shapes

  • Drag and drop new object into a library.
    Use File menu > Library to save your custom library
Editing Tools
  • Formatting capabilities:
    Extensive formatting capabilities, and text tools.

  • Use Format panel, that can be activated from main Toolbar
Communication Tools
  • Link Data:
    Create links to other shapes, files or programs.

  • Use Hypernote panel, that can be activated from main Toolbar
  • Exchange Data:
    Import and export files to a large number of raster, vector, multimedia and text formats.

  • File menu

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM offers a set of vector drawing tools and methodologies that can complete any professional business drawing task. With ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, you are able to work with documents created on a PC on your Mac and vice versa.

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