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CS Odessa Announces new deep discount licensing program “ConceptDraw Key Customer Loyalty Program”; making ConceptDraw affordable to Small and Medium Businesses

CS Odessa is dramatically reducing the cost of licensing its products for the remainder of 2012 to accommodate customers who want to outfit 50 or more of their employees with ConceptDraw products. This program is intended for organizations who want to support large numbers of ConceptDraw users; this unique licensing program provides a special Corporate Liscense for the use of ConceptDraw Office 2 and ConceptDraw Solution Park.  Our ConceptDraw Key Customer Loyalty Program makes our products more affordable than ever to your entire organization.

Our ConceptDraw Key Customer Loyalty Program is designed to save your organization thousands in software procurement costs.  Contact the ConceptDraw Sales Team today to see how we can save you money on the purchase of ConceptDraw products. Program ends December 31, 2012.

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