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CS Odessa Launches Skype Integration for ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7

The first phase of Skype integration for ConceptDraw products empowers users to deliver presentations and team briefings over the popular web conferencing service.

November 14, 2012, San Jose, CA — Having topped 250 million monthly users worldwide according to CEO Tony Bates, Skype® has become the de facto global standard for video web conferencing. And it is hardly limited to personal use: estimates 35% of small and medium businesses utilize Skype as an important business communication channel. Skype has made it easy to work with colleagues around the world simultaneously, which is great for business, but also poses a challenge in the form of keeping all those different people and their divergent thinking styles on the same page. CS Odessa is rising to that challenge with their new Remote Presentation for Skype solution for ConceptDraw MINDMAP®.

Remote presentations via Skype are a proven method of capturing and presenting ideas that increase productivity, and there’s no better software for them than ConceptDraw MINDMAP. Now, thanks to the Remote Presentation for Skype solution, ConceptDraw MINDMAP users can present their documents live via Skype, allowing coworkers in other cities, countries, even continents to view their briefing while hearing their voice.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP’s ability to present many document types makes the Remote Presentation for Skype even more powerful. By importing files from Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Project®, or the plethora of other supported mind map formats, users can present content from a huge variety of sources, in practically no time, to colleagues and shareholders anywhere in the world. Leveraging ConceptDraw MINDMAP’s intuitive presentation capabilities over Skype’s instantaneous communication network opens up a whole new dimension of global collaboration. The possibilities are limited only by the user’s imagination.

For example, users might want to leverage a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to update their remote teams on the current status. The Microsoft PowerPoint slides contain notes with important information for the team, plus there are additional supporting documents required to bring everyone up to speed. Users can quickly import the PowerPoint presentation to ConceptDraw MINDMAP, embed the supporting documentation, and fire up a Skype conference call with their team. As the ConceptDraw MINDMAP presentation begins, each team member with ConceptDraw MINDMAP installed will be sent the briefing file. Then, at any point during the briefing that the team needs more detail, they can hover over the Notes icon to read the slide notes. When the session is done, each of the participants has a copy of the presentation materials, notes, and supporting documentation. No hard copies to worry about. All participants are up to speed in an instant — all through low-cost, effective collaboration using Skype and ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7.

Furthermore, users can import Microsoft Word documents, as well as web content that has been copied and pasted into those documents, to inform stakeholders on the state of the market. Just as in the scenario above, when the ConceptDraw MINDMAP remote presentation begins, each person who has ConceptDraw MINDMAP installed receives the market update file automatically downloaded to their application. Then during the presentation, when someone wants to read more detail, they can hover over the icon to display information from the Notes section without interrupting the presenter. Using this method, it only takes a matter of minutes to pull a variety of data together in a useful format.

Yet another use of this new Remote Presentation solution is pulling in data from project files, web sources, and other mind mapping programs. Users can rapidly prepare presentations, briefings, status updates, and sales presentations, and then use Skype’s conferencing capabilities to keep everyone in sync with what is going on. The presentation can be up and running in just minutes, with content and documents delivered directly to the audience’s copy of ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

A great advantage to the Remote Presentation for Skype solution is that immediately preceding a presentation the audience has a full set of presentation materials for them to review as needed, or to quickly turnaround and brief a subsequent group. Hierarchical presentations to internal and external audiences become a breeze with the ConceptDraw Remote Presentation for Skype solution. Your team’s readiness and knowledge are great benefits of this unique and powerful communication solution.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP retails for $199 USD and supports Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows. The Skype integration is a free plug-in for ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7. One also needs the appropriate Skype accounts to support the conference attendees. The ConceptDraw Remote Presentation for Skype solution is a free add-in that is available for download from the ConceptDraw Solution Park, located on

CS Odessa sees Skype as an important business tool, and is focused on bringing solutions to the market that use ConceptDraw products to leverage the strengths of Skype as a business tool. CS Odessa has an aggressive roadmap to add additional visual communication attributes to Skype that facilitate collaboration between teams that are not colocated.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP and the ever-growing collection of product extensions in the ConceptDraw Solution Park provide ultimate flexibility and user-friendliness in a robust, full-featured mind mapping package. To learn more about the entire ConceptDraw brand of productivity software visit our ConceptDraw web site.

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