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Discover Your Ancestry with Family Tree Solution

We are pleased to introduce ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users to a new set of templates, samples, and vector libraries that provide a wide range of objects to support graphics that deal with exploring, visualizing and sharing genealogical family history.

The family tree schematically represents kinship as a symbolic “tree”. It is a diagram which contains information on family history. The family tree is intended to provide an overview of searches into family history as far back, as it can be researched.


The Family Tree solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM enables genealogical specialists and non-professional researchers to depict graphically the information that they do have on a hereditary history so that they can easily build family trees and pedigree charts. The new solution contains 3 libraries that include over 30 vector scalable objects. Also, 13 example drawings and 5 templates are supplied with the solution. It is now available for download at no charge to owners of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12.

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