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New Financial Infographics Solution for ConceptDraw PRO

The Financial Infographics solution provides 20 stencil libraries containing 526 vector objects representing financial symbols, charts, indicators, maps, lists, titles, and callouts. One can use this solution with ConceptDraw PRO to quickly create eye catching and impressive finance-related infographics at a glance.

The Financial Infographics solution is perfect for presentation and illustration of documents; as well as reports and presentations involving the subject matter of finances, money, accounting, banks, taxes, expenses and incomes, savings, investments, currencies, and budgets. This innovative solution is the ideal companion for anyone who needs to visually demonstrate financial information.

The new Financial Infographics solution for ConceptDraw PRO v11, is now available in Solution Park for US$25. Use the solution to quickly create your own professional looking and high-quality infographics and illustrations which can be used to rapidly visualize financial data and statistical information.

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