ConceptDraw PLAN Features

ConceptDraw PLAN provides a lot of valuable features used to easier your work when managing complex projects, to enhance efficiency of resources allocation and to improve performance of the companies leading simultaneously several projects.

What are the Main Features of ConceptDraw PLAN?

ConceptDraw PLAN allows you to upload up to 20 different projects created with ConceptDraw PROJECT, to track online the Gantt Charts for your projects and/or edit them according to the assigned role.

ConceptDraw PLAN

You can easily invite participants to collaborate on your projects and assign them specific roles and permissions. ConceptDraw PLAN makes project tracking issues simpler and faster. You can manage projects of different type, direction, complexity and budget effortlessly. ConceptDraw PLAN offers powerful and visual tools for effective online collaboration of project managers leading different projects and other project stakeholders.

ConceptDraw PLAN provides user with access to actual information about status of execution and changes within projects. Using ConceptDraw PLAN helps you to avoid mistakes in result of duplication the data or lacking the information. You will always have the uploaded projects under your supervision. This gives a real help in achievement the best results in projects realization in early terms and with minimum efforts and finances. You can customize the appearance of projects in the ConceptDraw PLAN window. You can sort them visually: uploaded by you, those in which you are invited and a number of built-in project examples. The useful option is the possibility to see the summarized information about each project.

ConceptDraw PLAN offers easy-to-use tools for management and distribution of human resources. You can view the list of all resources assigned to all your projects or just to the current project. You will see their workload in the current project or summary load in all projects. You will be able effectively and rationally reallocate them if needed.

ConceptDraw PLAN

ConceptDraw PLAN is featured with user-friendly, handy and customizable user interface. You can change the size of the table section in Gantt chart window by choosing one of the three embedded styles. You can select columns to be displayed on the Gantt chart window, change the scale, collapse/expand all tasks or some groups of tasks and show/hide the critical path in one click.

Using ConceptDra PLAN, you can see detailed properties of any task at a Side Panel or change easily the task’s complete value using the slider or manually available for Project Manager (PM) and Resource Manager (RM). ConceptDraw PLAN enables to enhance project visibility by highlighting any task with pre-designed color markers.

ConceptDraw PLAN

ConceptDraw PLAN delivers the opportunity to observe simultaneously the multiple tasks of one project or of all uploaded projects in a calendar format on a Scheduler page. Thus, you will get the  full control for settings of representation to receive the most accurate and detailed summary information.

You can show/hide the unassigned tasks and display tasks for all resources or just selected ones. ConceptDraw PLAN allows you to set non-working days and hours and view the tasks for today or for nearest dates. You can select the period of displayed project tasks (day, 4 days, week, or month).

Using ConceptDraw PLAN you can set/change the individual color for each project to visibly highlight the tasks of different projects at the summary Scheduler.

ConceptDraw PLAN