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Project management is a growing area used more and more by businesses of all sorts. The diversity of project types and project scopes is impressive. Each project is unique since it has specific objectives, solves some particular tasks, and can involve diverse resources.

Any project forms its own framework. Project manager have to be experienced in planning and organizing project environment. The activity on project managing requires a tool which allows seamlessly engage and communicate stakeholders and resources within the organization and outside it to bring projects to completion.

The success of project depends greatly on the allocation of responsibilities in a project and collaboration between project participants. Team collaboration is an integral and essential component of effective management and successful project implementation.

When an organization implements several different projects at once, it takes many efforts to get all of them running in a right way. Such practice requires an effective means to coordinate project activity. Never mind whether there are completely different projects or interrelated, but in any case there is a need in constant exchange of information and collaboration between project managers and other employees. Especially when some of them can be involved in several projects simultaneously.

ConceptDraw PLAN is a powerful online service for collaboration and project management, which greatly enhances the capabilities of ConceptDraw PROJECT application and significantly increases the productivity of the company during the phase of implementation projects. Now, you have the ability to plan your projects in ConceptDraw Project easily and professionally, and also effectively manage and collaborate with colleagues during the implementation of each of the planned steps.

ConceptDraw PLAN

ConceptDraw PLAN gives project managers the great opportunity to use together the ConceptDraw PROJECT files uploaded to cloud storage of ConceptDraw PLAN. It allows you to track at once the processes of multiple projects.

ConceptDraw PLAN saves the time, facilitates the collaboration of managers of different projects and allows to see always the actual information on the status of projects. Using this online project management tool increases the convenience of interaction between employees. Managing projects online with ConceptDraw PLAN helps to avoid errors due to the data duplication. The integrated project environment of ConceptDraw PLAN leads to the maximum efficiency in planning, usage and allocation of resources through multiple projects.

ConceptDraw PLAN

Using ConceptDraw Project and ConceptDraw Plan together allows improving development, realization, management and cooperation on projects of any type and scale. Applying the combination of offline and online project management tools allows you to achieve the main goals of projects in time and with minimal efforts.