Design elements - Outdoor recreation space

The vector stencils library "Outdoor recreation space" contains 9 clipart images of playground and barbecue equipment. Use it to design your outdoor recreation space plan. "A playground, playpark, or play area is a place with a specific design to allow children to play there. It may be indoors but is typically outdoors (where it may be called a tot lot in some regions). While a playground is usually designed for children, some playgrounds are designed for other age groups. Modern playgrounds often have recreational equipment such as the seesaw, merry-go-round, swingset, slide, jungle gym, chin-up bars, sandbox, spring rider, monkey bars, overhead ladder, trapeze rings, playhouses, and mazes, many of which help children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment. Common in modern playgrounds are play structures that link many different pieces of equipment. Playgrounds often also have facilities for playing informal games of adult sports, such as a baseball diamond, a skating arena, a basketball court, or a tether ball." [Playground. Wikipedia] The clip art sample "Design elements - Outdoor recreation space" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Landscape & Garden solution from the Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Playground and barbecue clipart
Playground and barbecue clipart, swing, square sandbox, seesaw, teeter-totter, teeterboard, swing, round sandbox, football ball, beach ball, basketball ring, basketball ball, barbecue, barbeque, BBQ,