Structure, Manage, Display

The three products in the ConceptDraw OFFICE suite provide users with work flexibility. The many integration features of the three products provide great benefits to the customer. The three products in ConceptDraw OFFICE are stand-alone products that have tight integration between the applications. Because of this structure, CS Odessa can focus on developing best in class products in each field, instead of one huge product with no overall direction.

ConceptDraw OFFICE

The three products in ConceptDraw OFFICE represent all three major daily activities of knowledge workers — structuring, managing, and displaying.


Includes structuring goals and objectives, requirements and environment/space, and time.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a perfect tool for identifying and defining baseline structures. Its visual flexibility and capability of working with teams provide a strong tool for structure development.


Includes managing objectives and accomplishments, details and dependencies, processes and completions, plans, and structures.

Managing a process is key to success in organizations. The tool used to help project management must have the flexibly needed to adapt to the environment and must have the ability to provide meaningful data for project teams to adapt to changes in their environment. ConceptDraw PROJECT has these in excess.


Includes results and achievements, process and planning states, structures, changes over a specific time, and successes.

Early explorers used the North Star to orient themselves and measured the progress of their travels. Today’s workers use sophisticated tools to identify a precise task status and determine why the task is succeeding or failing. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM provides many tools that describe data instantly in visuals to convey the meaning of a task’s status, thereby providing managers tremendous insight.

These three activities are very different in their content and how they are accomplished. Typically, each activity is worked on, one at a time, and the focus is on the specific activity, which is why workers need a separate and professional tool per activity. Integration between the individual activities must be seamless and comprehensive in order to support all three activities. Knowledge workers want integration between the data, not a user interface with buttons to integrate data and activities.

What is ConceptDraw MINDMAP?

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a product that creates documents and presentations automatically from mind maps. You can present and explain your ideas to any audience or have discussions with your team using the extended features for inputting data into a mind map.

What are the Output Capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP?

ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a variety of outputs to make it easy to share map content in the appropriate format. Creating output is simple — just one click allows you to export to other applications, such as Microsoft Project, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. You can generate essential text and tables critical for your work. The output capability of ConceptDraw MINDMAP unlocks the information in your maps to build documents and presentations.

With one click, you can communicate status, update tasks, write articles, and build presentations from your map, with the appropriate document or presentation type and template. For example, you can generate a task list with one click.

What are the Presentation Capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP?

ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a set of tools to create presentations from a map. With one click, you can generate a slide sequence. You can even build multiple presentations and store them in a single map.

Different audiences require different types of presentations. ConceptDraw MINDMAP can create multiple types of presentations from a single map without altering the data or format. With ConceptDraw MINDMAP’s Slide Navigator, you can select the map parts you want to present, sequence your slides, and even preview the presentation.

What are the Input Capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP?

ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports inputting external data into a map with one click. Import capabilities are critical because it makes your data visual. When your data is visual, you can manage and communicate it using newly generated documents and/or presentations.

Data you input into your map can come from just about anywhere. Data can come from Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, the web, a mind map and other electronic sources. You can input data as a task list, resource list, Gantt chart, brainstorm or search results.

What is ConceptDraw PROJECT?

ConceptDraw PROJECT is a full-featured project management solution that keeps you on top of your data through its project dashboards. Project dashboards display all of your key performance indicators on one screen so you can take instant action whenever necessary.

ConceptDraw PROJECT contains an extensive toolset to help project managers. The rich data visualization capability that is provided by ConceptDraw products builds project dashboards, one-click reports, multi-project views, Gantt charts, and resource views. The rich, visual data presentation supports important project management tasks, including critical planning and change management.

What is ConceptDraw DIAGRAM?

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a full-featured diagramming platform which lets you display, communicate, and deliver dynamic documents and presentations.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM includes the traditional set of drawing tools, extensive object libraries, ready-to-use templates and learning materials, and a professional set of printing preferences. You can print your diagram to a variety of table/paper size/orientations. Professional printing options and exporting to many popular graphic formats are supported, giving you flexibility in your work. You can prepare and demonstrate presentations, and it is also possible to create presentations with dynamic content. You can extend the graphic toolbox with the help of solutions and the integration with Microsoft Office and other ConceptDraw OFFICE applications. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM provides numerous professional business solutions based on technologies of integrating external data. The technologies used in this product are:

  • Solutions
  • Live objects

Business management and planning is simplified with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM because of the ready to use solutions for project management and corporate dashboards.