ConceptDraw OFFICE — Software for All-Level Managers

ConceptDraw OFFICE is a powerful software package designed for business managers of all types and levels to solve any business tasks you are working on. It includes three integrated office software products that help with any business management activity and is compatible with macOS and Windows. This productivity suite combines business diagramming, mind mapping, and project management software.

conceptdraw office diagram conceptdraw office diagram

Flowcharts, Network Diagrams, Organizational Charts, Business Process Diagrams, Floor Plans, Infographics, and more.

conceptdraw office mindmap conceptdraw office mindmap

Brainstorming, Creative Thinking, Decision-making, Problem-solving, Interactive Presentations, and more.

conceptdraw office project conceptdraw office project

Projects Calendar, Gantt Charts, Resource Management, Project Communications, Reports, and more.

Why ConceptDraw OFFICE Suite?

ConceptDraw OFFICE package is the best choice for project and business managers involved in development projects of any type who need to clearly communicate themselves and their projects to a knowledgeable audience, structure, manage, and visually display data. Being flexible, powerful, and versatile, ConceptDraw applications simplify diagramming, mind mapping, planning, and managing processes, and enhance productivity.

The feature-rich products included in ConceptDraw OFFICE are regularly updated and improved to remain relevant and meet the broad needs of both macOS and Windows users. They are ideal for products or processes that use different concepts to represent them and their functionality.

Diagramming and visualization software

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software is a professional quality graphics solution for any business. It provides templates, vector libraries, and samples that allow users to create visual and informative infographics and diagrams of various types and topics, flowcharts, network diagrams, organization charts, business process diagrams, statistical charts, dashboards, floor plans, illustrations of all sorts, educational materials, interactive presentations, and slide shows.


Mind Mapping Software

ConceptDraw MINDMAP software is indispensable for strategic planning, knowledge gathering, and team management. It is an effective communication tool that supports brainstorming, creative thinking and decision-making, visualization, collecting, and organizing ideas and thoughts into a structured and visual mind map representation. Illustrate thought processes, improve productivity and team collaboration, and improve understanding of business concepts and processes. Dynamically update your mind maps, share them with your audience, or show them in presentation mode.


Project Management Software

ConceptDraw PROJECT project management software provides a professional approach to portfolio and project management. It is a time-saving tool for successful project planning and implementation. The application provides project calendars, Gantt charts, dashboards, resource management, and reporting tools. Use it to create, manage, and collaborate on any number of projects of varying complexity and focus, coordinate teamwork and workload, track project progress and budgets, manage resources, improve planning processes, and increase business productivity.



ConceptDraw Solutions extend the functionality of OFFICE components by providing specialized task-oriented add-ons tailored for specific industries, tasks, or purposes. These solutions for ConceptDraw OFFICE software typically include libraries of pre-designed shapes, symbols, icons, and clipart relevant to a particular domain or field, samples, and quick-start templates making it easier for users to create professional-quality diagrams and infographics.

The Solutions collection contains a wide range of professional free and paid graphics solutions, as well as training materials on how to use them with ConceptDraw OFFICE software products. To help you with your solution, we provide the ConceptDraw STORE application. In addition, STORE will be useful if you decide to buy OFFICE software or update it to the latest version.


Integration and Compatibility

All three ConceptDraw OFFICE applications are integrated using INGYRE technology. Integrating these standalone products allows you to experience the benefits of cross-functionality, ensure seamless data flow, and improve collaboration among team members and across departments to achieve better results and company success. Export and import capabilities make ConceptDraw OFFICE compatible with third-party applications. You can export to graphics, HTML, Adobe PDF, MS Project, MS Excel, MindJet MindManager, and other common formats.


Cross-platform compatibility is a benefit of ConceptDraw OFFICE software products that enables communication and collaboration of team members working on the same project but using different software platforms, macOS and Windows.

ConceptDraw OFFICE Suite Case Studies

ConceptDraw OFFICE is designed to facilitate various aspects of visual communication, project management, and business productivity. The three products in ConceptDraw OFFICE are stand-alone programs that are tightly integrated with each other. The idea of purchasing the OFFICE suit is a smart investment for individuals and businesses looking to improve their communication, collaboration, and productivity capabilities.
ConceptDraw OFFICE is an excellent software tool for business, education, engineering, IT, and other fields where visual communication and project management are important. It provides users with a complete set of tools to create, organize, and present information in a visually appealing and effective way.


Includes generating ideas, and structuring goals, objectives, and requirements. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a tool for identifying and developing basic structures. You can automatically create documents and presentations based on mind maps to share your ideas with any audience.



Includes organization and management of tasks, processes, relationships, and structures. Effective process management is the key to business success. Used in project management, ConceptDraw PROJECT has the flexibility needed to adapt to specific goals and can provide project teams with the relevant information to tailor to their specific requirements.



Includes representation of process states, results, and achievements over time. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM offers a range of tools that can accurately visualize information and data to show the meaning of a task's status, thereby providing stakeholders with comprehensive information.



ConceptDraw OFFICE suite provides users with the best possible productivity. The integration capabilities of the three products bring tangible benefits to users. User ratings prove that the decision to buy OFFICE 10 can bring tangible benefits. Check out some of our feedback from our users about the achievements they have gained using ConceptDraw OFFICE.